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14. Yanghe (Sales Revenue: $2.5 billion)

Here are 15 Bestselling Beer Brands in the World | #14. Yanghe (Sales Revenue: $2.5 billion)
Here are 15 Bestselling Beer Brands in the World | #14. Yanghe (Sales Revenue: $2.5 billion) | source:

Yanghe is a beer brand produced by Jiangsu Yanghe Brewery. This company is listed as Forbes Asia’s Fab 50 Companies in 2015. Its market cap as of May 2016 is estimated to be $15.5 billion.

And as we mentioned earlier, China’s growth of population contributes a lot to local companies’ sales. So, even though Yanghe is not so popular worldwide, the brewery gains $2.5 billion of sales revenue in one year alone. That is around 3% of the global market share.

As you can tell from its packaging, Yanghe is sold exclusively. It even comes in three different choices of bottle: Mengzhilan (dream blue), Haizhilan (oceanic blue), and the one on the picture above, Tianzhilan (celestial blue). They are all parts of Yanghe Spirit Classic Series. And each of them comes in a 375-ml bottle and sold from $70 to $170.

“Yanghe spirit Classic series is our mid end products. We employ centuries-old fermentation techniques to create the traditional sweet, mild, soft, clean and fragrant Yanghe flavors, upon which they build a unique mellowness and quiet elegance.” –

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