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Top 10 Celebrities Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

Let’s forget for a second how much you spent on your wedding dress and look at the top 10 celebrities most expensive wedding dresses.

The average price for a wedding gown today is around $1.500.
However, we all know that celebrities like to exaggerate. Why not after all? It’s the bride’s most important day.

These 10 wedding gowns range from $40.000 all the way up to $500.000. However, even the world’s most expensive wedding dresses can’t buy you love.

Few of the celebrity brides featured in our top 10 list are still married to their grooms. Let’s get straight to business, shall we?

10Heather Mills’ Wedding Dress – Price: $40.000

If you remember, we talked about Heather Mills on our article Most Infamous Gold Diggers.
The English entrepreneur was Paul McCartney’s wife from 2002 to 2008.

Sir Paul McCartney has admitted that his marriage to Heather Mills was one of the biggest mistakes of his life.
And although their marriage was short-lived, the dress still lives on.

Worth $40.000, Heather Mills had worn a wedding dress of ercu lace designed by the famous fashion house Eavis & Brown of London.

Top 10 Celebrities Most Expensive Wedding Dresses | Heather Mills' gown was designed by the famous Eavis & Brown of London.
Heather Mills’ gown was designed by the famous Eavis & Brown of London. via
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