10 Best Rolex Watches of All Time

7 October 2015

8. Rolex Oysterquartz

The Oysterquartz is one of the rarest regular production watches Rolex ever produced.

The the quartz watch invaded the market at the end of the 1970, back when the Swiss watch industry was in the middle of crisis.

Oysterquartz dates to the beginning of the 70s, when the Rolex Company began to understand that this type of product could in some way establish itself on the market.

Engineered with a highly accurate quartz movement, it is estimated that only 25,000 of these were ever made and they have quite a following in their own right.

Having lasted less than three decades, the era of the quartz watch ended in 2001, for reasons only known by the Rolex company.

10 Best Rolex Watches of All Time
10 Best Rolex Watches of All Time #8 Rolex Oysterquartz
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