10 Celebrity Homes That Are Worth More Because They Lived There

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10 Celebrity Homes That Are Worth More Because They Lived There

Have you ever stopped and think how the celebrity homes are really worth it?

Our friends from Movoto thought about it. They put together a research and found out the real price of the homes before they were purchased by celebrities and after the purchase.

You’ll be amazed to find out the difference. Because is a big one to be honest.

We talked about the Marc Bell’s house and there we saw the price of that home is $35 million. Marc Bell is not the only celebrity that sells his home for an enormous amount of money.

When a celebrity buys a house, in a select neighborhood, the house is not that expensive. After they live in it, the house can go for triple the money.

An example could be the actress Zoe Saldana who sold her home from LA for $410 per square foot! Yea, that is not cheap, when the average price per square foot in that area goes for $579.

That’s outrageous! You’ll buy a house with nothing so special except the fact that a celebrity lived there!

Our friends from Movoto gave us the 10 Celebrity Homes that are Worth More Because They Lived There!

10. Ryan Reynolds – $1.69 million

After Ryan and Scarlett Johansson broke up he tried to sell, again, the real estate. After trying and failing in 2009 with a bigger price he kept the home until 2011. In 2011 the house was again listed for selling at $1.69 million.

He did lose a lot of money for this home. Bought the house before his marriage with Scarlett Johansson for $1.715 million.

Here, being a celebrity didn’t weight that much in Ryan’s favor.

10 Celebrity Homes That Are Worth More Because They Lived There  ryan r

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