10 Hottest Male Underneath the Racing Helmet

5 June 2016

Records and trophies let us know the best and fastest racers in the world. How can we know the hottest ones underneath the racing helmet?

Racing is all about adrenaline. That is why most guys feel like they are the coolest man in the world when they sit behind the fast wheel. And most girls assume that these guys look as cool when they take off the racing helmet.

Unfortunately, good look is not the criteria to compete in the world championship of motorsport. Thus, not all of those drivers can take our breath away with their look as they do with their speed.

However, you may not notice that there are some of them who can make us go “oh my” without their racing helmet.

It was a tough pick, but we managed to gather 10 hottest professional racers in the world. They are also among the best in Formula 1, MotoGP, and NASCAR.

10. Rio Haryanto

10 Hottest Male Underneath the Racing Helmet | Rio Haryanto
10 Hottest Male Underneath the Racing Helmet | Rio Haryanto | source: rioharyanto.com

This year’s newcomer of the Formula 1 Grand Prix starts up our list. He is Rio Haryanto, the pride of Indonesia.

Formula 1 is like the World Cup of car racing. So, it is a huge achievement for Rio Haryanto to qualify himself in this prestige competition. If he can prove himself as he did in the previous championships, he may end up as one of the highest-paid F1 drivers.

Rio Haryanto has not finished with any point this season. But considering his bright career in GP3 and GP2, he still has what it takes to be a contender.

Unfortunately, Rio Haryanto’s career in F1 is endangered. He had to pay €15 million to get one of the two racing seats in Manor. However, he could only pay a third of it. Indonesia is on its fund-raising campaign to help Rio Haryanto. If you want to help, find more information on Rio Haryanto’s tweeter feed.

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