10 Latest Fitness Trends You Must Try

21 June 2014

10 Latest Fitness Trends You Must Try

Experts come up with new workouts all the time, fitness trends change so much we can’t really keep up with all of them. Some of them do really work, so we will be discovering the 10 Latest Fitness Trends You Must Try.

If you are working out on a daily basis you already have your own fitness routine, but that doesn’t matter that you should not learn about new and improved types of workouts.

Plus, there comes a time when you start to get bored with your old routine and you look for new and exciting ways of keeping your body fit.

If you feel that way or you are just looking for a fun and effective way of working out, these are the favorite workouts of the moment:


This type of workout transforms you into an indoor rower. You are working on a machine used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing.

It primarily works the cardiovascular systems with typical workouts consisting of steady pieces of 20–40 minutes, although the standard trial distance for record attempts is 2000 m, which can take from five and a half minutes to nine minutes or more.

Helaine Knapp, founder and CEO of New York City’s CityRow says that “Rowing is high intensity yet low impact, so it’s safe and smart for your body.”

Why to try it? It hits about 85 percent of your muscles when done correctly and it can be done by anyone.

10 Latest Fitness Trends You Must Try - Rowing
10 Latest Fitness Trends You Must Try – Rowing
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