15 Crazy Expensive Things Marshmello Owns

13 December 2019

Marshmello Knows how to Go Shopping. Here’s a List of 15 Valuables He Owns


Hello Aluxers and welcome to another article by Alux.com. When you think of high-paying professions, a DJ is probably nowhere near the top of the list, but there are some elite DJs who are paid very well for what they do, and the best of these are multi-millionaires.

Chris Comstock, otherwise known as “Marshmello,” is the 5th richest DJ in the world. Even if you don’t listen to EDM, you’ve probably seen this guy on YouTube or television. At only 27 years old, he’s one of the richest people in the world under 30. That’s why he made the list of 30 under 30 in 2019 – along with his manager, Moe Shalizi. In the last three years, Marshmello has made almost 70 million dollars.

Most of his money is made through concerts and private parties. But he’s also one of the most well-known performers on social media. He has 1.8 million followers on Twitter, and his YouTube channel is one of the biggest online, with over 35 million views. Today we’re looking at 15 of the most expensive and crazy things Marshmello has bought over his young but extremely promising career as a DJ and music producer, so let’s get started.

15. Retro Air Jordan Alternate 89s – Worth 400 dollars
14. Pet Rat Named “Deadrat” – Worth 5,000 dollars
13. DJ Equipment – Worth 17,000 dollars
12. Kids’ Toys – Worth 50,000 dollars
11. Marshmello Helmet – Worth 55,000 dollars
10. BMW – Worth 147,000 dollars
9. Lamborghini Huracan – Worth 200,000 dollars
8. Mercedes Benz Squared G550 – Worth 300,000 dollars
7. Rolls Royce Ghost – Worth 308,000 dollars
6. White Lamborghini Aventador – Worth 440,000 dollars
5. White Lamborghini Aventador – Worth 440,000 dollars
4. Ford Super Duty – Worth 500,000 dollars
3. Private Jet – Worth 3.495 million dollars
2. Mansion in Laurel Canyon – Worth 3.58 million dollars
1. Private Yacht – Worth 10 million dollars


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Retro Air Jordan Alternate 89s – Worth 400 dollars

When you’re constantly performing on stage and in music videos, you gotta have the latest kicks. Marshmello usually sticks to his pure white hi-top sneakers. But in one of his music videos, he splurged and added a pop of color. His red and white Air Jordan retro sneakers – the Alternate 89s – were already popular before he was seen wearing them.

After his video was released, however, they became even more in demand. All retro Air Jordans are expensive. But this pair – in honor of the 1989 Chicago Bulls – cost Marshmello a cool 400 dollars.


Pet Rat Named “Deadrat” – Worth 5,000 dollars

One of Marshmello’s biggest inspirations, and critics, is a DJ named “Deadrat.” Like Marshmello, “Deadrat” performs wearing a helmet. While Marshmello wears a helmet that looks like, well, a marshmello, Deadrat wears one that looks exactly like a rat. In homage to his idol, Marshmello bought himself a pet rat and named it Deadrat.

While the rat itself wasn’t extremely expensive, the DJ spends a reported 900 dollars per year on toys and food for his furry friend. He’s had the rat for several years, ever since he launched his cooking show. So, in the four or five years he’s had his rat, he’s spent well over 5,000 dollars on the thing. His rat can be seen featured in both his YouTube cooking shows and his music videos.

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DJ Equipment – Worth 17,000 dollars

Marshmello wouldn’t be where he is today without his DJ equipment. In order to put on fantastic shows all over the world, he needs top of the line electronic and computer gear. The last time he replaced his equipment, he spent a reported 17,000 dollars on new pieces. This includes his headphones, monitors and mixers.

He also has a keyboard and tons of software that constantly need to be updated. Some of the more expensive pieces of his equipment are his Pioneer headphones at over 2,000 dollars and his Pioneer PMX, which costs 1,000 dollars. He also has a MacBook pro and Avantone Mixcube monitor.


Kids’ Toys – Worth 50,000 dollars

Most people who know him say Marshmello has as big a heart as he does a bank account. He gets together with an organization in Los Angeles called the Toy Lending Library, as well as Electric Family Media, to raise toys for needy children.

The way the program works is people donate toys to the library. Underprivileged children can borrow these toys the same way they would library books. They return the toys when they’re done. They even get special credit for returning the toys in good condition. Marshmello personally buys and donates thousands of toys every year, estimated to be worth in excess of 50,000 dollars.


Marshmello Helmet – Worth 55,000 dollars

The one thing Marshmello is known for is his white and black state of the art helmet. This helmet is in the shape of a Marshmello and is a trademark of this mysterious DJ and music producer. When he first came on the scene, Marshmello had no intention of revealing his identity, just like some of his predecessors like Daft Punk and Deadmau5.

The first helmet he had was 13 pounds and rather bland. So, in 2018 Marshmello had a new custom-made helmet designed. This new helmet has LED lights that put on mini light shows for his audience. It is also a lot lighter at just 8 pounds. It’s a 3-D printed helmet, with air conditioning and incredible audio components. It’s what makes Marshmello what he is. 


BMW – Worth 147,000 dollars

One thing the young DJ isn’t shy about is spending his money on fancy cars. He has a huge sports car collection along with a couple of high-end luxury cars. The cheapest of his vehicles is his BMW II8. Retailing for about 147,000 dollars, this car has a 1.5 litre, 3 cylinder engine. The sleek exterior is a pearly white. Almost all of Marshmello’s cars are white – go figure!

He had the car’s exterior customized by a company in California called “Impressive Wrap.” It has special Marshmello decals on the doors. It’s also outfitted with a carbon fiber passenger safety cell and can reach an electronic controlled speed of 155 mph.

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Lamborghini Huracan – Worth 200,000 dollars

As you’re finding out in this article, Marshmello has a thing for Lamborghinis. He has a Lamborghini Huracan that is bright red with a black interior. This is the only sports car he owns that isn’t white. This one adds a pop of color to his private collection and really stands out in his protective garage. It’s a 7-speed automatic with a V-10 engine.

This car came out in 2014 when the Italian car manufacturer decided to replace their older model car – the Gallardo. This one is lighter, sleeker and faster than its predecessor. That’s good news for someone who clearly has a thing for fast cars.


Mercedes Benz Squared G550 – Worth 300,000 dollars

It seems like anyone who is anyone in Hollywood has to own a Mercedes G Wagen. Marshmello is no different. He had RBD, a custom car company in Los Angeles, outfit this car for him. They installed a carbon fiber cover, roll bars and mesh grill. They also put his signature Marshmello decals all over the car.

There’s no mistaking when this guy rolls into town. Almost every car he owns has the identifying Marshmello decals on them. This Mercedes Benz Squared G550 has a 4 liter, V8 engine and 422 horsepower. When asked if he likes the car, Marshmello described it as his “S’More by S’More,” a play on the words 4 x 4.


Rolls Royce Ghost – Worth 308,000 dollars

You know you’ve really made it when you can afford to buy yourself a Rolls Royce. This white luxury car has a black interior, matching Marshmello’s black and white wardrobe, house and, well, everything.

The British car company named it the “Ghost” in honor of the Silver Ghost, a car first produced in 1906, but this car was first available in 2009. It’s one of the fastest cars in their lineup, eclipsing even the Rolls Royce Phantom. This is probably the most luxurious car in Marshmello’s collection. With a pricetag of 308,000 dollars, that’s not surprising.

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White Lamborghini Aventador – Worth 440,000 dollars

Marshmello liked this car so much, he bought it twice! His white Lamborghini Aventador cost him close to half a million dollars.

The car has a grey exterior, grey interior and even grey accents. For a man who seems obsessed with white and black, it’s surprising to see a grey car in his lineup. But when you combine white and black, what do you get? This car is actually a convertible, and it’s a good thing because, with that helmet on, Marshmello doesn’t even fit in the car unless the top is down.


White Lamborghini Aventador – Worth 440,000 dollars

We already told you Marshmello bought this luxury car twice. This time, it’s the triple white Lamborghini Aventador. It has a white interior, white accents and even white wheel wells. However, the inside is black, like so many of the wealthy DJ’s car interiors. It has gulfwing doors and the black Marshmello decals.

The cool thing about this car is that it matches Marshmello’s outfit, house, helmet and most of his other cars. It has black rims and a sunroof. In pictures of Marshmello sitting inside the car, it’s obvious that it’s a bit small for him. He must drive this one when he isn’t wearing that helmet. But don’t worry – it has tinted windows so his identity will remain a secret.


Ford Super Duty – Worth 500,000 dollars

In March of 2019, Marshmello surprised everyone by buying a custom-made Ford Super Duty 6 x 6 pickup truck. It’s army green and is equipped with military style detailing. It’s by far the most expensive car in his collection. Yes it’s 500,000 dollars, but the DJ only had to work 4 parties to pay for it. At a rate of 125,000 dollars per party, that’s not too shabby. The car has 2 extra wheels, so it makes it a 6 x 6 instead of a regular 4 x 4.

There’s even a video of Marshmello driving the monster sized truck over a Maserati. Too bad for the Maserati! But, that’s ok. We’re sure Marshmello makes enough money to reimburse the poor guy whose car he ran over.

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Private Jet – Worth 3.495 million dollars

What music mogul can survive without a private jet? In order to get to the numerous international shows he plays every year, Marshmello indulged himself in a luxury private jet. The Jet is a Dassault Falcon and can go as fast as 519 miles per hour. It’s so exclusive, only about 1 percent of the richest people in the world own one.

Marshmello’s jet has a pure white interior, no surprise there. It includes separate controlled heating and air conditioning. It also has a full-sized kitchen, bathroom and office space. It seats up to 9 people and comes with a private pilot.


Mansion in Laurel Canyon – Worth 3.58 million dollars

On the rare nights that Marshmello isn’t performing, he likes to spend it in his gorgeous home in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, California. He bought the house in 2018 for 3.58 million dollars.

The house has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and an indoor infinity pool. There are over 5,200 square feet of living space. And, as you can guess, the interior is decorated in all white. It has an amazing kitchen, which is good because in addition to being a DJ, Marshmello hosts his own cooking show. It’s located right next to the famous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. The only question is – as he continues to get richer, will Marshmello keep this house or look for S’More?


Private Yacht – Worth 10 million dollars

We’ve reached number one on our list, and we’re ready to talk about the most expensive thing Marshmello owns. If you’re a hot music producer, you’re expected to entertain. Marshmello manages to do just that on his private yacht, named “Holy Ship.” It’s docked out of Miami, clear on the other side of the country from the young millionaire’s home.

He hosts concerts and other performances on the yacht as it sails on the Atlantic Ocean. Recently, the U.S. Coast Guard decided to stop the boat for an inspection and was surprised to find the captain on board. The inspection went well, and Marshmello and his friends were allowed to sail on. While the exact price of the yacht has not been released, most yachts similar to “Holy Ship” go for about 10 million dollars. 

So there you have it, the 15 most crazy expensive things Marshmello owns. Who would’ve thought that someone who wears a marshmallow helmet on his head 24-7 would be able to afford all of this? Marshmello is one of the highest earning DJs in the world and his fame is only getting bigger, so you can expect some more crazy purchases from him in the future.