15 Crazy Expensive Things Post Malone Owns

19 January 2020

Post Malone’s Favorite Things Are as Bold as His Music – Have a Look at This Crazy List!

Hello Aluxers and welcome to another exciting original article presented by Alux.com – today we’re discussing a list of Post Malone’s favorite things; 15 of his expensive possessions. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard of the rapper Post Malone. With a net worth of at least 14 million dollars, this one-of-a-kind entertainer first hit the charts with his hit “White Iverson.” He followed that up with his first platinum album entitled “Stoney.”

Known for his extravagant style, unkempt hair and unique grills, the 24-year-old rapper from Syracuse, New York, is definitely on an upward trajectory. One other thing he is known for is throwing his money around. But, unlike a lot of other celebrities, he doesn’t own a bunch of fancy houses, private jets or yachts.

Instead, he spends his money on a few of the things he loves most – cars, jewelry and guns. Today, we’ll take a look at 15 of the most extravagant things Post Malone has spent some of his young fortune on. Let’s get started.

15. Gospel Choir to Sing Happy Birthday – Worth 1,000 Dollars
14. Retro Sneakers – 1,700 Dollars
13. Popeye’s Biscuits – 8,000 Dollars
12. His New Grill – 20,000 Dollars
11. Subaru WRX STI – 30,000 Dollars
10. Gun Arsenal – 50,000 Dollars
9. Chevy C10 Shortbed Pickup Truck – 50,000 Dollars
8. Rolex Watch – 55,000 Dollars
7. Fender Louis Vuitton Telacaster Guitar – 100,000 Dollars
6. Hennessey Velociraptor 6 x 6 – 350,000 Dollars
5. Personal Beerbong Manager – 365,000 Dollars
4. Rolls Royce Phantom – 420,000 Dollars
3. Lamborghini Aventador SV – 500,000 Dollars
2. Bugatti Chiron – 3 Million Dollars
1. Utah Mansion – 3.95 Million Dollars


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Gospel Choir to Sing Happy Birthday – Worth 1,000 Dollars

For his birthday a couple of years ago, Post Malone’s friend hired a private mariachi band to serenade him with their own Mexican rendition of “Happy Birthday.” In 2017, Post returned the favor. He threw a surprise party for his friend “Rich Chigga.” He hired a gospel choir to sing Happy Birthday to his friend. We’re not sure how much the entire party cost, but the gospel choir alone set Post Malone back a cool 1,000 dollars.


Retro Sneakers – 1,700 Dollars

It’s hard to find a rapper who doesn’t like to drop a few dollars on some classic sneakers, and Post is no different. He went shoe shopping and got a few pairs of expensive throwback sneakers. He got himself two pairs. One was a pair of Air Jordan 11 Retros and a pair of Nike Air Force 1 Highs. He also got a pair of Air Jordan 12 Retros to send to his dad back in New York. The shopping trip cost about 1,700 dollars in all.

Resource: World’s Most Expensive Sneakers


Popeye’s Biscuits – 8,000 Dollars

One thing Post Malone is known for is taking care of his fans. From taking pictures with them to hanging out with them at gun shows, Post Malone is not shy. At the Coachella Music Festival in 2017, he treated the entire crowd to biscuits from Popeyes. He ordered the food on his favorite delivery site, Postmates. They actually delivered the load of biscuits for all of his fans. The bill for the biscuits was over 8,000 dollars. But the rapper is known to spend a ton of money on food. In addition to Popeyes, he regularly spends thousands of dollars on things like wings and nachos.


His New Grill – 20,000 Dollars

When he first hit the scene, Post Malone was sporting a ratty set of gold teeth. He said that ever since he was a kid, he was obsessed with eating candy and sugary cereals. He said his own teeth were a mess, so he got outfitted with a set of gold grills. Malone treated himself to a new grill for the bargain price of $20,000. The new set is made from actual baby teeth. The rapper said that two of the teeth in the 32-tooth set are actually his own baby teeth. The new grill fits perfectly over the star’s own set of teeth.


Subaru WRX STI – 30,000 Dollars

One thing his friends and fans know about him is that Post Malone likes his cars. Most of them are fancy and expensive sports cars. However, Post was excited to walk into a Subaru dealership in his local town in Utah and buy a brand new Subaru WRX STI. The car only costs about 30,000 dollars new, but Post Malone was quite proud of his purchase.

While at the dealership, he posed for pictures with his new car with fans. He also was rumored to have spent the day at the dealership with the salesmen and a bunch of his fans who heard the rapper was in town to buy a new set of wheels.


Gun Arsenal – 50,000 Dollars

One of Post Malone’s favorite hobbies is shooting guns. He has an entire gun arsenal at his Utah mansion outside of Salt Lake City. He loves to talk about his guns in interviews.

He said he has a mini military-style arsenal. He has a handheld cannon and a pump action shotgun that he keeps under his bed. He said you never know when you’re gonna need a gun, so he keeps them all over his house. He is known to own a Cobalt AR-15 and a bunch of military-grade weaponry. While the rapper has not admitted just how much he’s spent on guns, an arsenal of a similar size retails for over 50,000 dollars.


Chevy C10 Shortbed Pickup Truck – 50,000 Dollars

While Post Malone likes his sports cars, he says he actually prefers some of the older classics. When he saw this Chevy C10 shortbed pickup truck advertised online for 50,000 dollars, he said he had to have it. He then hired Utah based DT Auto Brokers to customize the truck. It’s teal and purposely distressed to make it look like it’s as old as it really is. His car is a 1968 model. Similar models made in the 1960s are valuable classic cars. And, while we know Post spent 50,000 dollars on the truck, he probably spent at least that much getting it customized too.

Resource: Sultan of Johor’s Truck is the Most Expensive Mack Truck in the World


Rolex Watch – 55,000 Dollars

Malone says he never leaves the house without his gold Rolex. But he also has a custom Rolex watch that’s said to be worth over 55,000 dollars. It’s a Daytona Rainbow edition and has 36 sapphires in all the colors you find in Trix cereal. There are 11 more sapphires in each of the hour markers. The lugs are also covered in 56 diamonds. People who have seen the watch say it’s one of the coolest watches they’ve ever seen.


Fender Louis Vuitton Telacaster Guitar – 100,000 Dollars

When Post Malone first started making music, he went into Rudy’s Guitar Shop in New York City and was admiring some of the expensive guitars there. The owner of the store told him that maybe one day he’d be able to afford one of them. So, once he made his millions, Malone went back to the store. He walked out with a Fender Telecaster guitar lined and trimmed with authentic Louis Vuitton fabric. The owner said that Bruno Mars had his eye on the guitar, but Malone was able to snatch it up before the other star could get back to the store.

Resource: Most Expensive Guitar in the World


Hennessey Velociraptor 6 x 6 – 350,000 Dollars

You haven’t seen a monster truck until you’ve seen Post Malone’s Hennessey Velociraptor 6 x 6. The star said he had to have the truck when he learned it was named after his favorite alcoholic beverage. The truck is a giant white machine with gray accents. It has two large wheels in the front and four in the back. He had the truck delivered to his Utah home and then posed for a bunch of pictures in front of the monster vehicle.


Personal Beerbong Manager – 365,000 Dollars

Post Malone has a huge party house and he loves to have friends over. He actually hired a friend of his to be his personal beer bong manager. He pays him 1,000 dollars a day whether Post is home or not. One of the singer’s biggest hits is called “Beerbongs and Bentleys.” We guess he has to stay true to form by having his own set of beerbongs and a guy to manage them for him. We’re not quite sure how one manages a beerbong, but he must do a good job because Malone pays him over 350,000 dollars a year to do it.


Rolls Royce Phantom – 420,000 Dollars

One of the first things Malone bought himself when he started making real money was a Rolls Royce Wraith. All the successful rappers have a Rolls Royce or a Bentley, and Malone is no different. Unfortunately for Malone, a Kia smashed into his Wraith and totaled it. He managed to sell it for 100,000 dollars.

He used that money the very next day to buy himself a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom. It’s white like so many of Post’s other cars. Hopefully this one won’t get hit by an errant fan.


Lamborghini Aventador SV – 500,000 Dollars

The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the fastest cars in the world, but they made an even faster version called the Aventador SV. It retails for at least 500,000 dollars. Post Malone is the proud owner of this car. His is silver with black accents and tinted windows. The car has 740 horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 in just 2.7 seconds.

Resource: The Lamborghini-Inspired Helicopter is What the Future Aircrafts Could Look Like


Bugatti Chiron – 3 million Dollars

We said that Post Malone loves his cars, and here is more proof. He bought himself a brand new, all-white Bugatti Chiron Hypercar in 2019. The car goes up to 261 mph and is said to be the fastest in the rapper’s collection, although Post Malone said he hates to drive fast and drives his sportscars very slow. The interior and exterior are all white with black trim on the wheels. The car is the most expensive in Malone’s collection as well, costing over 3 million dollars.


Utah Mansion – 3.95 million Dollars

We’ve reached number one on our list of crazy expensive things Post Malone owns. Unlike a lot of other rappers, Post Malone doesn’t own a bunch of fancy houses all over the world. He has just one, and it’s located in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The star says that he likes to live in a quiet area because things are so hectic when he’s on the road. The house set him back almost 4 million dollars. It has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. It also has a pool, basketball court and outdoor kitchen. And, given that Post Malone is a conspiracy theorist who think the end of the world is coming, there are 30 bunk beds in the house. He said he wants to make sure he has room in his bunker for at least 30 of his friends when the end of the world does arrive.

So there you have it, the 15 most crazy expensive things Post Malone has spent his money on. With a net worth as high as 14 million dollars, it’s not surprising that this popular rapper has treated himself to some expensive toys.

QOTD: Now that we’ve gone through the list, we’d like to know: Would you ever spend over one million dollars on a car or do you think that’s too extravagant? Let us know what you think in the comments.