15 Things You Didn’t Know About Playboy

23 February 2016

15 Things you didn’t know about Playboy

Last year the notorious brand celebrated 55 years in existence and decided to do a shift in the way they conduct their business, because of that we’re taking a look at 15 things you didn’t know about Playboy!

If you’re not familiar with Playboy you’re probably too young to be browsing this website, as for the rest of us, we can strongly say it’s been an important part of our childhoods.

Come to think of it, I don’t think there was one of my friends who didn’t have a Playboy magazine hidden somewhere inside his house.

Which to be honest he probably stole from his father! But that’s enough of a trip down memory lane and because you think you’re familiar with everything related to the magazine, we did some research to find quite interesting trivia, less known facts and put it all together in this post titled 15 things you didn’t know about playboy!

1. Initially Playboy was supposed to be called Stag Party

At first Hugh Hefner wanted to call the magazine Stag Party, but because there was already a magazine called Stag, he chose Playboy to avoid any confusion.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Young Hugh Hefner; via www.reelz.com

2. There is a braille edition for Playboy

The braille edition first time appeared in 1970 but it didn’t have any pictures or advertisements. If you want to “read” a Playboy magazine in public, we have for you the 1992 edition here.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Braille; via www.tuttoqui.it

3. Playboy is not always about heterosexuality

If you create a mental image of Playboy, you imagine it as a festivity of heterosexuality, but in fact Playboy was, and still is, a strong supporter of the gay rights.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Gay wedding cake; via www.huffingtonpost.com

4. The first issue was sold like crazy

At first Hugh Hefner was skeptical, and he thought that his magazine would not survive, but the first issue was sold in 54,175 copies at 50 cents each, making him quite a lot of money for that time.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Marilyn Monroe; via www.3news.co.nz

5. Pamela Anderson established a record on Playboy

Pamela Anderson was featured on the cover of the Playboy magazine twelve times, more than any other woman.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Pamela Anderson; via www.itimes.com

6. Pajamas became a trademark for Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner has over 100 silk pajamas, and over the years this thing became one of his most notorious trademarks.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Hugh Hefner; via www.wordscover.com

7. John Lennon was a pain in the ass at the Playboy Mansion

While he was separate from Yoko, he got into a rampage mode at the Mansion, and put out a cigarette on a original Matisse painting.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
John Lennon; via www.blogs.post-gazette.com

8. The Playboy magazine is ageless

After all this time, Playboy managed to stay on top, selling more than 2.5 million copies in U.S. per month. But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine, the magazine has been struggling maintaining a competitive edge since you can see most of these celebrities nude on the internet for nothing.

If you browse to the end of the article, we’ve mentioned a sudden shift in strategy in our original video!

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Hugh Hefner; via www.justjared.com

9. The youngest playmate was only 17.

In 1958 Elizabeth Ann Roberts debuted in the Playboy magazine when she was only 17 years old. In January she was declared the playmate of the month.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Elizabeth Ann Roberts; via www.playboy.com

10. Playboy fueled Heidi Montag obsession with plastic surgery!

Heidi Montag also known as “the plastic surgery queen of Reality T.V.” said that posing for Playboy is what triggered her compulsion for plastic surgeries.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Heidi Montag; via www.celebuzz.com

11. Many influential people featured in interviews for Playboy

When you think at Playboy, the first thing that pops into your mind are the naked women, but in fact, individuals like Malcolm X, Yoko Ono and Martin Luther King, took very serious interviews for Playboy.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Malcolm X; via www.hiphopandpolitics.com

12. How the popular “bunny dip” move started

Because the girls had very tight bunny uniforms, when they were serving drinks, they were forced to bend their knees.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Bunny dip move; www.maitlandmercury.com.au

13. Steven Spielberg reproved Drew Barrymore for posing in Playboy

Steven Spielberg sent her a note that said “cover yourself up“, with a modified copy of the magazine, in which she was fully clothed.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Drew Barrymore; via www.drewbarrymore.yolasite.com

14. Hugh Hefner has the IQ of a genius

Although he has an IQ of 152, his grades were average, and he used most of his time in school to draw cartoons and write.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
IQ scale; via www.effectivebrain.com

15. Hugh Hefner already chose to spend his eternity next to Marilyn Monroe

Despite the fact that he never actually met her, he did the gesture for this exact reason, and for the fact the she contributed to the success that Playboy has today.

Things you didn't know about Playboy
Marilyn Monroe grave; via www.wikipedia.org

We loved the topic of 15 things you didn’t know about Playboy so much that we took the time and created an original video with even more interesting facts which you can enjoy below:

This ends our today’s topic about 15 things you didn’t know about Playboy, and I hope you enjoyed it! For more opinions leave them in the comment section below!

So, who do you think that was the hottest woman who ever posed for Playboy? 

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