Adidas Office In Shanghai

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Adidas Office In Shanghai

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to work for one of the biggest brands in the world? Or even more, how does their work life look like every day? Well, we may not be able to tell you how does that feel, but we can show you some images for you too see how does their company look like. Take a tour through the Adidas Office in Shanghai.

adidas office in shanghai

adidas office in shanghai

At a first glance, you might think that a colorless office might set off a cold and rigid feel in a workplace, but when we see the  Shanghai’s Adidas office, that opinion could entirely change. Why? Because the cold shades of grey, black, white and blue emphasize the brand’s own identity perfectly represented by interior design items.

The most iconic interior design item that we’ve seen in Adidas’ office are the three stripe lightning feature that put the sportswear brand’s logo into the office. A little details that makes all the difference and brings all the attention upon it.

adidas office in shanghai

adidas office in shanghai 8

The office in Shanghai featured modern architecture and embraces simplicity in visual aesthetics. Around the office you can find unique hotspots and one of a kind decor items that personalize every room. On all the floors you can find the Adidas trademark, from the brand’s logo to ad campaigns on walls, Adidas products and even the Adidas typography used in commercials and printed on walls.

adidas office in shanghai

adidas office in shanghai

The conference rooms from Shanghai’s Adidas office have a minimalist unique appeal and are mostly designed in a chromatic combination of black and white with splashes of deep blue there and there. Stripes and triangles are the visuals that dominate the rooms and maintain the same modern and basic look.

Simon Park and Thomas Danet from PDM International, an Interior Design consultancy based in Asia, are the main designers of this project.

Photography done by: Hans Schlupp

adidas office in shanghai

What are your thoughts on the Adidas Office in Shanghai? Stay tuned for more exceptional offices around the world!

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