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We are one of the largest publishers in the fine living space with a strong community that spans millions of future billionaires

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We designed
every experience
with the Aluxer in mind

People from all around the world come together to Alux because of their passion for luxury and fine living. You too can find a place within our community and get inspired.


We work every day
to elevate your
life and motivation

From our goal mastery courses to the resources we make for our community, we work every day because we want you to live the life of luxury you deserve and show you how to achieve your dreams.


We take pride in
being part of the rise
of luxury living

We started out as a simple database of information on luxury brands and product, and now we have evolved into a fast-growing media company that delivers inspiration, tools, and knowledge. And we want you to be part of it.


We will show you
every day how to change
your life for the better

Browse our collection of inspiring videos and life-changing courses that will set you up for a better future. Listen, learn, and take the steps make your dream life of luxury a reality.

It is all about COMMUNITY

Alux, the place where future billionaires come to get inspired.

We pride ourselves in gathering a community of aspiring billionaires that want to learn how to take the steps toward living their best life. Join us and millions of fine-living enthusiasts and get inspired by their stories. Yours can start here.


ALUX in numbers

Our numbers speak for themselves.

The Alux Community is powerful, engaged, with that correct go getter attitude. For Aluxers, the promise of discovering something exciting on Imgur is always just one video away.

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Source: Social Blade – June 2022

  • 4m+ YouTube subs.
  • 500 million channel views
  • 2.6k+ media uploads
  • 225k Instagram followers
  • 16k Twitter followers
  • 180+ Mastery Lessons
  • 5+ million monthly views
  • 360k+ subs every year
  • 180k+ daily views
  • 10k+ new subs /month

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Alux is one of the largest publishers in the fine
living space. Explore your opportunities with us.

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Website Inclusion
Website Inclusion

Everyone should be part of the Alux and we strive to break through the digital technological barriers every day.

YouTube Integration
YouTube Integration

YouTube is a vast resource with over 2 billion people tuning in every day. Our goal is to reach every single aspiring billionaire among them and welcome them to our community.

Speaking Engagements
Speaking Engagements

We have the right team and the right vision. Whether be it through amazing videos or in-person conferences, we’re willing to go above and beyond to reach our audience.

Partnership Opportunities
Partnership Opportunities

Collaborate with Alux, become our partners, and engage with our community.

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