Alux is a leading online magazine featuring hand picked topics that reflect the finest life has to offer. These topics are carefully selected and range from quality products, exquisite travel destinations, the most delicious foods, latest fashions and the world’s most expensive items. The site has grown to be regarded as one of the most influential Luxury Websites online, providing the latest trends and fresh content.

Currently providing value for 250,000+ unique visitors each month, the site offers daily inspiration and advice for those that look to improve their lifestyle design and also qualitative information when it comes to the most luxurious and finest experiences life has to offer!

In just the few months of constantly publishing quality content, Alux has come to be regarded as the fastest growing luxury website in the world and grabbed the attention of authority websites in its niche as the luxury website to keep an eye for!

Alux is read daily by a large and fast growing premium audience with an interest in improving their lifestyle such as, highly educated students, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, luxury travel enthusiasts, successful and confident men and women. They are high net worth people, open minded with an interest towards the finest things life has to offer, making Alux the perfect place to get in touch with them. As a luxury leading online brand, each of our typical readers influences a wide circle of clients, friends, and colleagues, now more than ever.


Alux is in the world’s top 0.1% websites online according to (taking into account only active websites), over 250,000 Unique Visitors (Dec. 2013) visit our website each month with over 300,000 Unique Pageviews (Dec. 2013), providing quality information for people in over 220 countries (Dec. 2013) as follows: 48% – United States, 11% – United Kingdom, 7% – Canada (Dec. 2013).

Alux offers a variety of ways through which  you can build your brand or get your message across to this highly targeted audience. The advertising slots may be purchased by CPM, the week or a month buyout – payment will be made via Paypal.

728 x 90 Banner – Perfect for Brand Building, this banner positioned near the top attracts the eyes of both our most frequent visitors and also those that come through the use of search engines.

300 x 250 Banner – Also at the top right (or anywhere on the right sidebar) this is one of the most common ad sizes which many users find familiar and look for around the website.

300 x 600 – Large Skyscraper – One of the most appealing positions is the sticky large skyscraper on the right side. When scrolling past it, it sticks to the top in order to make sure your message is delivered and you get the value and recognition you’re looking for.


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