600 Million Africans Now Have Electricity Because of Akon

30 November 2015

Lights ON! Akon Solar Electricity in Africa for 600 Million People

Almost everyone knew Akon a few years back when his hit songs were on every radio in the world but now the lights are on him for a very different reason: Akon Solar Electricity in Africa brings electricity to 600 Million Africans and this is just the beginning!

With a desire to actually impact Africa for the better, in 2014 he started a program called “Akon Lighting Africa” with the goal of bringing electricity of over 600 million people.

1 Year into the project, they had already installed over 1 million solar powered street lamps and domestic solar panels in over a million households across 14 countries in Africa.

In order to ramp up their efforts, mid 2015, they launched “Solar Academy” in Bamako, Mali’s capital, through which they teach African engineers the skills to build and maintain solar systems.

Akon, himself, comes from Africa, to be precise from Kaolack, Senegal one of the many towns without electricity!

Akon Solar Electricity in Africa image (2)

In an interview with African Vibes he said: “I always had a passion for Africa because I am from Africa and I always felt Africa was being taken advantage of… As a regular person there’s not much you can do, but as a celebrity you can influence millions of people, which makes it a lot easier. Things can happen a lot faster, and I like to take advantage of that and find more ways to bring opportunities to Africa.

You can watch a detailed interview with Al Jazeera here!

The lack of electricity directly correlates to the slow paced development of Africa! The roads are difficult to travel, stores close early and keeping food cold can be incredibly troublesome!

Most of households still use candlelight or kerosene as a source of light, which is expensive and gives off toxic fumes!

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There are currently over 600 Million Africans that do not have access to electricity and by fixing this issue, Akon’s project not only increases the standard of living but paving a new beginning for a continent that has been stuck in the past for way too long!

Apart from this energy initiative, Akon has been promoting peace across Africa for several years now including the historic Peace One Day concert that took place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo last year.

By empowering local communities with both the tools and know-how on how to grow and develop their current systems, they are providing with a sustainable model of energy system!

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The “Akon Lighting Africa” program is already making a huge difference and is on track to light up the entire continent in the following decades!

Akon Solar Electricity in Africa might just prove to be the go-to model for those trying to make a difference in the underdeveloped parts of the world and we definitely are huge supporters of that! Akon is our Aluxer of the day!