Amazing Futuristic All White House

28 March 2014

Amazing Futuristic All White House

Let’s take a closer look at this Amazing Futuristic All White House.

This house inspires pure elegance. It is so flawless that you will thing is not real. The amazing construction was build in 2012, in Judenau, Austria. The artists behind this were the architects from Project A01.

You will find it very interesting how the building succeeds to have a romantic feel, despite the cool, all-white decor.

Now let’s meet Villa Freundorf and see what it has to offer!

Amazing Futuristic All White HouseThe building, parallel to the street, consists of a basement, ground floor and first floor. The front terrace offers direct access to the garden area and pool.

Amazing Futuristic All White HouseThe architects from Project A01 took a very futuristic approach for this family home that reminds us more of a spaceship than a house.

It is also full of surprises as the multi faceted white facade features wide bands of windows that break up the monotony of its monolithic exterior.

Amazing Futuristic All White HouseAlso, even if it looks very modern, it was built right into the rolling landscape, so we have a very interesting picture where modernism blends with nature.

While relaxing on the green grass outside, you can see through the large expanses of glass how luminous and bright it is inside.

Amazing Futuristic All White HouseApart from its flawless white look, that unreal feel is emphasized by crisp lines and unexpected angles or those two outstretched “arms” that are inviting us in to discover.

Through the glass you will find dream like curtains, minimalist interiors and much what you’re expecting from the home’s exterior: bright, white, and awesomely angular.

Amazing Futuristic All White HouseThere are just a few elements that aren’t white. For instance, the sculptural kitchen island.

Amazing Futuristic All White HouseThe bathroom is also dreamy. Just imagine soaking in the deep freestanding tub while you contemplate the beautiful views.

The pool is the key focus of the entertaining outdoor areas and beyond the pool, the garden offers serene, green scenes visible throughout the house, thanks to its generous use of glass.Amazing Futuristic All White House

Living here would feel like constant purity and like you are away from all evil that exists in the world.

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