Awesome Smart Faucet by iHouse!

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Awesome Smart Faucet by iHouse!

In a world where resources are important and where we need to be careful in spending the earth goods, the simple solution- this Awesome Smart Faucet by iHouse!

What makes it so special?

Because it has features to conserve water and also use energy efficiently.  But I have to say that is not all what this Awesome Smart Faucet by iHouse can do! It also has other features that can make your life much easier. Smart Faucet is designed and developed with a number of applications that are specially made for you- to make your life lot easier- and your family.

Awesome Smart Faucet by iHouse

Another “trick” the Smart Faucet can do is the face recognition camera that not only identifies the person standing in front of the faucet and uses the facial recognition system to provide water at preferred temperatures for you and your family, as any of you desire; the water can be set for each person that uses Smart Faucet.

Awesome Smart Faucet by iHouse

Have I mentioned it has internet connection? Add to that the ability to display emails, calendar and also weather report while you are still using the faucet. Is right there when you need it, while you brush your teeth or shave you can check the news report and that’s how you know what to wear when you go out. How cool is that?

Awesome Smart Faucet by iHouse

The SmartFaucet also displays your personal calendar and remember important dates and appointments. Just like a personal assistant or a new phone, all this in a faucet!

Awesome Smart Faucet by iHouse

The internal heating reel is the mystery behind the Smart Faucet’s fast dispersal of water at controlled temperature, is the thing that makes it special.

Awesome Smart Faucet by iHouse

It has a LED that changes colour with the temperature and can also act as an indicator for water temperature for the user. The water pressure or flow of water can also be controlled by customizing the faucet.

The Smart Faucet is made by iHouse, the Brazilian manufacturer has pushed the envelope little further in the evolution era.

Awesome Smart Faucet by iHousesource of the pictures:

You want it don’t you? I have a bad news here; unfortunately the price is yet to be disclosed. But with all these amazing features I’m sure it won’t come cheap.

What Do You Think? I know we don’t know the price, but we have to admit is a cool thing to have in your home. Would you buy it? Leave your comments in the section below and don’t forget to share!

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