Bags For The Modern Man

1 July 2013

Bags For The Modern Man

In the past years, men’s accessories have been limited. All we had were ties, tie bars, cuff links and watches. Now, our fashion industry has expanded significantly to hats, bracelets, glasses and my favorite, bags. Bags have evolved. As men, we no longer have to stick to the plain, square, black briefcases. We now have a massive variety of bags to choose from and here are six bags for the modern man that I think are necessary.

The messenger bag is great because it’s comfortable, a reasonable size and can be really big plus to any look because they come in so many types themselves. They’re worn over one shoulder and keep your hands free. In terms of colors, the safest will be a tan, navy or black.

Bags For The Modern Man Messenger

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The fashionable tote bag, one of my new favorites. It’s great for business attire. The leather material and the build of the bag gives it a sense of sophistication and class. Your best bet would be to get one that’s a brown or black but this navy is a great starter as well.

Bags For The Modern Man Tote

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No one can forget the classic briefcase and I believe that it’ll be that way for some time. But put a little spin by changing the style or build of the briefcase. Get rid of the one that looks like it’s been designed in the eighties and nineties and bring out a new one from this century. Briefcases are now smaller, softer and come with pockets, which will be a great way to keep things in order. I would recommend a black one for simplicity but if you’re daring like me, get one that’s a burst of color. That’ll put a huge pep into your office wear.

Bags For The Modern Man Briefcase

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Duffel bags can be a plus to your look. Please get rid of the current picture in your head with the duffel bag you had in high school for gym class. When I say to get a duffel bag, I mean one that’s upscale, classy and sturdy. They are great for a quick, overnight stay as they’re a moderate size and easy to carry around.

Bags For The Modern Man Duffel

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Carry on
I love to travel and I do it all the time. The carry on is perfect when it comes to this because of the style and the size. The leather made bag fits perfectly in your hand and in the airplane compartment. If you want to step up your fashion game, a carry on with either snake or crocodile style skin would be perfect.

Bags For The Modern Man Carry on

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They’re fun and stylish. They’re also more functional now. The various materials they come in today is even more than before. My favorite kinds are the ones made of leather. They give a rustic, military look that I personally think is unbeatable. Even if that’s not your thing, they’re others that are very simple, some with patterns, even some that are made to carry almost any small item. Whatever style, color or pattern you prefer, you can get it with a backpack.

Bags For The Modern Man Backpack

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