Best Cameron Diaz Movies | Top 10

27 August 2014

Best Cameron Diaz Movies | Top 10

The movie industry met one of the their best female actors on the set of her debut comedy and after that we all have seen a long list of the best Cameron Diaz movies.

Yes we are about to go on the wonderful journey of exploring the movie industry by chasing the movies in which Cameron Diaz had her best performances.

From comedies, dramas and thrillers the actress has a big movie experience and for all the fans out there this is the ultimate combination of Cameroon Diaz acting skills, movie ratings and unique performances.

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Not only she is the charming and talented comedian but also she is one of the sexiest female actresses out there, maintaining this status from the debut in 1994 until now.

Everybody likes here, fans want her autograph and we love her movies, this is Cameron Diaz and the list of the best movies in which she featured.

Here are the best Cameron Diaz movies->

10. The Other Woman

We start our list of best Cameron Diaz movies with one of her latest comedies, The Other Woman, a romantic comedy where she plays the role of a successful business woman.

Even though the movie has a poor movie score, 6.1 from viewers and some bad reviews it was a box office success and still makes the public go crazy for this chick flick.

Starting a role where she is a successful business woman who falls in love with the wrong guy, her character evolves until the end of the movie, if you take into consideration a different point of view.

Her character evolves from the business lady who is independent and in search of a man, to the business lady who finds her inner strength to stay strong after a disappointing break-up, make new friends and also find the true love.

With her charm and cute lines, Cameron gives us the alternative business woman who beside the work and money making, could easily develop new relations and even meet new people outside her comfort zone.

Even if she is left for another woman, cheated upon and lied to, she manages to concentrate her efforts on helping the other female characters who were offended by the same man.

The comedy hides perfectly the complex character and the plot twist at the end reveal that moral equity is reserved for those who understand that some things are meant to be this way because there is a greater plan.

Best Cameron Diaz Movies | Top 10
The Other Woman Final Scene Movie Still

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