15 Best Life Pro Tips

14 November 2020

Life Offers Two Kinds of Advice, First From Those Nose-Deep in Quick Sand and Second From those A Little Ahead of Us.

When people say “life pro tips” what comes to your mind?

Call it great life advice, guidance, enlightenment or even suggestions, these pro life tips are all you need to ensure that you’re living your best life and that you’re taking responsibility for your own actions and improving yourself on the daily, just like we know our Aluxers are.

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With that suggested, let’s start weighing the following life tips.


When a Problem Arises, Forget the Blame, Instead Go Straight to, “How Can We Resolve It?”

Aluxers, we’ve all been in a situation where the sh*t has exploded and everyone is so busy pointing fingers that no one is fixing the problem.

Passing the buck or trying to play the blame game at that exact moment is a waste of time and energy, and enough to see an entire project crumbling. Instead, use that energy and time and figure out how to solve the problem. Everyone will work better together knowing that your focus is on the task at hand, and you’ll probably find that the person accountable for the problem will step forward and admit their fault.

They will be grateful for the way the problem was handled and not feel as afraid to admit they f*cked up.


The World Is a Mirror of Ourselves and Our State of Mind

This pro-life tip could go either way. If you’re seeing a bright future for yourself, you’re kind and generous, someone who loves life and keeps going despite setbacks, then that’s what the universe will send back to you.

If you’re only seeing the negative or walk around with a huge chip on your shoulder believing the world owes you a favour, then the universe is not going to be gracious towards you.

We’re not saying that bad things don’t happen to good people, but it’s our reaction to those negative events that give us the opportunity to grow and improve ourselves or the adverse, staying stagnant.

As we said in our video, 15 habits to improve your life, if “you have identified that life is yours to improve, that’s half the battle won, because the truth is really that we hold the key to the happiness levels in our own life.”

We quoted the poet Rumi when he said, ‘Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.’


Simplicity Is Freedom

Aluxers, ask anyone on their death bed what they wished they had done while alive, and we can assure you that their answers all have a similar tone.

I wish I had hugged more.

I wish I had told my family I loved them more.

I wish I didn’t work as hard or as much.

I wish I had laughed it off.

I wish I hadn’t compared myself to others.

Not one of the wishes were for more money or things. That’s not to say there isn’t space for luxury and extravagance, just don’t make it the be all and end all.

There is a peace and serenity when you sit in a lush meadow, watching the clouds roll by that you can’t achieve by living to impress others.


Don’t Complain About Getting Older: Not Everybody Gets the Privilege

Powerful words, aren’t they Aluxers? So many of us are so afraid to turn the big FOUR ZERO, or we hear 50 is the new 30, or buy all of these expensive products so you can look 20-years younger…



Getting older is a privilege. Those laugh lines around your eyes that you so badly want to botox away – leave them. Those are the result of all the times you smiled and laughed and were genuinely happy.

Those worry lines on your forehead, you got through those times of worry and they’re part of your make-up and represent your journey.

We recommend you listen to The Grace in Aging, by Kathleen Dowling Singh – which you can find on audible. There she says, “To ripen into an elder, into a being that is more than simply elderly and more than only self, is a deliberate, thoughtful, sustained choice that arises from the intention to see things as they are.” Remember to use our alux.com/freebook.


Live Your Life Like a Story You’d Like to Be Told Once You’re Gone

Aluxers, it’s not great to visualize not being alive, but bear with us. Your absolute bestie is giving the eulogy at your funeral, and this is what they say.

Here lies… so and so… he was a bit of a boring old chap. He didn’t do much, besides watching Netflix, playing video games and would occasionally grab a beer with a mate. Welcome to the quickest funeral in the world.

Let’s compare it to our next so and so, who lies here having lived life to the fullest, who wasn’t afraid to take risks, who traveled the world, swam with jellyfish, slept in an ice-hotel, and rescued turtles. He loved hard and gave his all in everything he did. He will be missed.

So, what story would you like to have told at your funeral or what stories do you want to retell your grandchildren one day? This life tip helps you visualize the right direction, regardless of where you stand right now.


A Narrow Focus Brings Big Results

Don’t get misled by the use of the word narrow… what we mean is that when we are working towards a goal and we see how far we still have to go to get there, we throw in the towel. We give up. Why? Because the result seems so far away and unobtainable.

A better way to keep yourself motivated and moving forward is to look back and see how far you’ve come. It’s many small wins that give us our greatest success… and they all lead to the main prize at the end.

Like Scottish politician, Walter Ellis so beautifully summarized this life tip, “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.”


One Day or Day One – You Decide

Aluxers, you should write this piece of pro-life advice down and stick it to your mirror. It’s all the motivation you need to get going.

Don’t keep putting things off for “one day”. That “one day” might never come. Look at the elderly couple who so badly wanted to travel but decided it best to wait until they were retired. Then, one passes away, never having travelled anywhere. Waiting for the perfect time.

If this is you, start a separate savings account and squirrel away a bit each month, but change that “one day” thinking to day one, today.


Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy

Even Albus Dumbledore believes in this pro-life tip, when he said, “Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.”

Choosing to do the right thing shows incredible strength of character. It’s certainly not always the easy option to choose what is right. For example, in our video 15 Principles for an Excellent Work Ethic, we mentioned that it’s important to speak up for the less vocal in the workplace.

Shows like The Morning Show, Late Night and Bombshell are shedding light on workplace toxicity and how those that remain silent are complicit in the cover-up. Even if it means that your job is in on the line, choosing to remain silent shows that you endorse that toxic behaviour.

And Aluxers, why would you want your name associated with a place that covers these things up anyway? You’re an Aluxer after all.


Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD

There are so many interpretations of this life tip that you can adapt it to your specific situation. We’re looking at it from protecting you Aluxer.

If you’re someone that bends over backwards for others, putting yourself as the last point of concern, then you need to absorb this advice. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Stop being a people pleaser. People will continue to take advantage of you and before you know it, you’re spending your weekend typing out your colleague’s daughter’s thesis while making muffins for the bosses MIL.

Rely on your own internal validation as opposed to external validation. When you start shifting the focus to yourself, your yes decisions are going to bring you joy and you’ll grow as a person.


If You’re in a SH*Tty Relationship, Do You Stay Because You Think So Highly of Your Partner, or So Little of Yourself?

Aluxers, this is the type of question that hits you in the gut, doesn’t it?

Why do we stay in bad relationships? Is it because we don’t know any better? Or the alternative of being alone that scares the hell out of you? Or do you think so little of yourself, that you deserve to be in this sh*tty relationship?

There’s a perfect anonymous quote that will help put this into perspective. “You don’t let go of a bad relationship because you stop caring about them. You let go because you start caring about yourself.”

And Aluxers, that time is now.

Here are 10 Secrets that Make a Successful Relationship. Let’s get straight to some emotional work.


Everything Will Be Okay in the End. if It’s Not Okay, It’s Not the End

Attributed to John Lennon, an old Indian proverb and Paulo Coelho, this beautiful piece of advice reminds you to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Some interpret it to mean that in life, there will always be things that are not 100% and that the only time things will be okay, is when you’re dead and your friend is reading that epic eulogy about you.

Others believe it means that if you’re feeling as if things are not quite where they’re meant to be, that’s ok, just keep moving forward. Even if it’s just small steps, as long as you’re not standing still.


Getting Angry at People for Making Mistakes Doesn’t Teach Them Not to Make a Mistake, It Teaches Them to Hide Their Mistakes

As if making a mistake isn’t bad enough, having the fear that someone is going to be super angry with you, just makes the whole situation worse. So, instead of admitting fault and trying to fix the problem – they’re more inclined to hide the mistake so they don’t get into trouble. This life advice can be practiced especially in workplaces.

Its understandable to be frustrated but try and think back on a time when you made a mistake and how you felt when someone treated you with kindness instead of anger. You no doubt felt a huge sense of relief, and silently vowed to never do it again.

According to psychologytoday, responding with anger erodes loyalty and trust. The best way to deal with this kind of situation is with compassion and kindness, but a firmness to show that you’re not a pushover and you expect better next time.

By behaving in this way, you gain the trust and loyalty of the person forever.

Coming up – you wouldn’t let someone tell you what to feel or how to react to something, so why do we allow the media to do that?


You Can’t Control What Others Think of You

This is the kind of advice that you wish was easy to accept, and you wish you had on-boarded when you were much younger. Aluxers, it’s never too late!

If you’re going to try and micro-manage what every single person thinks of you, you won’t even recognise yourself anymore.

The sooner you accept the fact that what others think of you is none of your business, the better.


If a News Article Headline Tells You How to Feel, It’s Not News

Aluxers, this life tip is especially true for where we’re at in life at the moment. We are being fed so many different stories that are making us feel angry, scared, afraid, hopeless… time to scrap those news sources and start finding ones that just state the facts.

Often “news” sources are just trying to lure you in by using emotional click bait headlines.

There’s a term called Headline Stress Disorder, coined by was coined by Steven Stosny, PhD, and a couples’ therapist in Maryland. He said, “women seem especially vulnerable to headline stress disorder. Many feel personally devalued, rejected, unseen, unheard, and unsafe. They report a sense of foreboding and mistrust about the future.”

The best way to avoid this is to minimise your news consumption and picking one max two reputable news channels to follow. Over time, you’ll be able to gauge with clarity what is fact and what is just fearmongering.


Don’t Make Decisions When You Are Happy or Sad

It’s so easy to get caught up in a moment, isn’t it? We’ve received some sh*tty feedback from our boss and we get all huffed and puffed about it and we want to pack our desk and walk out the office.

Or we’ve met someone amazing and next minute we’re planning to move in together and what we’re going to name our pigeon pair.

Both decisions are made in an emotional moment where our thinking is not quite as clear as it usually would be.

Sleep on it, give it some time, and after a few days have passed and those highly charged emotions have eased up, you’ll know whether it’s the right decision for you.


Aluxers, what pro life tip can you share with us? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!