Best Luxury Restaurants in Seoul

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Best Luxury Restaurants in Seoul | Top 10

Continuing our tour through the best restaurants in the world, we stop today in South Korea and see which are the best luxury restaurants in Seoul.

When you’re in Seoul, especially if you’re a tourist, it can be really hard to find out which are the best restaurants in town. You may feel completely lost.

But there’s no need to worry now. Ealuxe took care of this and did some research for you to have the perfect and safest dining experience in the heart of Seoul.

Let’s see what the best restaurants in Seoul have to offer and where we can find them!

10.Wang Thai

First on the list of the 10 best luxury restaurants in Seoul is the Wang Thai.

It is located in the heart of Itaewon which happens to be the most frequented neighborhood by foreign residents and tourists in Korea.

The specially trained chefs here serve authentic Thai food, prepared with the highest quality ingredients.

You’ll be treated exactly how you should be treated in a top restaurant and you will lose yourself in the exotic atmosphere.

10. Wang Thai | Best Luxury Restaurants in Seoul | Image Source:
10. Wang Thai | Best Luxury Restaurants in Seoul | Image Source:
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