Best Luxury Restaurants In Shanghai | Top 10

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Best Luxury Restaurants In Shanghai | Top 10

If you are into Chinese food, then there is no better place to experience that that Shanghai. And these are the Best Luxury Restaurants In Shanghai | Top 10.

Are you keen on fish, crab, chicken and dumplings? You’ve arrived in the city that is home to the restaurants that make the best dishes in the world.

Here the prices are high but the standards also. Most of them are located on the top of a tall building, as this is a great city as seen from above.

The views are great, the design is amazing and the food will make you lick your fingers.

Check them out:


10Lost Heaven

Towering four stories above the concrete, Lost Heaven is a place that literally takes you to another world.

The whole ambiance is inspired by the vast Mountain Mekong region. For instance, at the first floor you arrive into the world of the Yunnan and the second floor –where is the restaurant- everything is inspired by the Hani tribe customs.

The Mountain Mekong region is where many Asian cultures meet:  Thai, Lao, Burmese, and Chinese. And this whole places is saying the story of this exotic and beautiful region.

When it comes to food, of course they provide culinary arts of the province’s ethnic minorities. They have classy interiors, everywhere you look you see folk arts and cultural totems, the food is based on regional spice-and-flavor combinations, but you have to see it with your own eyes.

For those of you passionate about Asian culture, this is the place to go!


Best Luxury Restaurants In Shanghai Top 10 - Lost Heaven
Best Luxury Restaurants In Shanghai Top 10 – Lost Heaven
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