Best Luxury Restaurants In Singapore | Top 10

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Best Luxury Restaurants In Singapore | Top 10

If you wanted to know which are the best restaurants in Singapore, you are in the right place!

That’s why we are here, aren’t we? To bring you the best of fine dining, the most opulent luxury items, and the richest of them all!

And today we are going to see which are Singapore’s best restaurants!

With tasty dishes, classy settings and amazing service, the next 10 restaurants will offer you an amazing dining experience!

Let’s have a look at the best luxury restaurants in Singapore!


The first on our list of best restaurants in Singapore is Absinthe.

The restaurant is spread across two adjoining 1930s-built shophouses over three floors, and on the third floor it has a private veranda that offers beautiful views of the skyline.

The authentic French cuisine is led by Chef Francois, and the decor is beautiful, the restaurant including a seafood bar and a romantic private room for two.

Best Luxury Restaurants In Singapore - 10. Absinthe
Best Luxury Restaurants In Singapore – 10. Absinthe
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