Best Museums In The World | Top 10

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Best Museums in the World | Top 10

The list with the best museums in the world is must see in a lifetime because when it comes to art, archaeology, history and nature these places will be enough for you to know everything.

Here are gathered the best artists and their work and when it comes to paintings, sculptures, statues and any artistic item you will find all that history gave us and more.
Curious how some civilizations where? These museums offer the best antic relics for you to admire and for you to discover, more than that they can offer a pretty good history lesson when it comes to ancient civilizations.

Wonder from where some animals are, or wonder where the evolution of man started? These places can resolve almost any mystery you have about culture, arts, history geography or biology.

Even if they are the property of some states or have only one major category, the best museums in the world are meant to give you an extraordinary experience.

Made for the public and built to gather the most important things that life can give us, these museums are meant to educate and create a world where everyone know something about art, past, civilizations, nature all for at tip of their knowledge.

So let’s go on this trip of knowledge and visit the best museums in the world->

10. Museum of Modern Art, Manhattan, New York, USA

First stop is in New York City where we found the most influential museum in the world when it comes to modern art.

The Museum of Modern Art is a giant art collection of modern and contemporary items which includes works of architecture, design, drawing, painting and sculpture.

But as most art museums who cover modern art do this museum also hosts photography galleries, prints, illustrated books, films and electronic media.

This particular museum is known for housing famous paintings like , Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon or van Gogh’s Starry Night.

When it comes to book the library holds more than 300000 books and other files and materials, who form together and impressive source for modern and contemporary art.

This famous museum is mostly available to the crowd due to an ambition of Abby Aldrich Rockefeller who started the museum in 1929 with some friends.

Best Museums In The World | Top 10
#1 Museum of Modern Art, Manhattan, New York, USA
Best Museums In The World | Top 10
#1 Museum of Modern Art, Manhattan, New York, USA
Best Museums In The World | Top 10
#1 Museum of Modern Art, Manhattan, New York, USA

Next museum is in Taipei->

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