Best Nightclubs in Brussels

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Best Nightclubs in Brussels | Top 10

Take a piece of paper, a pencil and write these down because you’ll need to remember the best nighclubs in Brussels next time you’re in town!

You may think that Brussels, the capital and also the largest city of Belgium, is a quiet and peaceful city. Well, it is indeed, but when it comes to the nightlife things change drastically.

This city is more alive than ever! Brussels has some of the best nightclubs in Europe and it is all thanks to the party animals over there!

I swear to you, these people know how to party! Nothing can stop them. They can turn the most boring place into a house of fun!

But enough of this, let’s get down to business and find out where we can spend the hottest nights in Brussels!

10.Mr. Wong

We start this trip down to the China Town, in the Mr. Wong club.

When you first walk in this nightclub you may think it’s a random boring Chinese bar or restaurant like you’ve seen so many times before in the movies.

Well, that until the night comes and the place becomes alive! You won’t believe the major parties that happen here!

And if you’re a fan of electronic music, then you should look no more because that’s what Mr. Wong focuses on. Some of the best electro Dj’s come here to entertain the crowd!

So if you’re in Brussels and looking for a more underground atmosphere, Mr. Wong is the place to go!

10.Mr. Wong | Best Nightclubs in Brussels
10.Mr. Wong | Best Nightclubs in Brussels
10.Mr. Wong | Best Nightclubs in Brussels
10.Mr. Wong | Best Nightclubs in Brussels
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