Best Nightclubs In Stockholm | Top 10

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Best Nightclubs In Stockholm | Top 10

Although Stockholm is a peaceful city it sure has some of the best nightclubs in Europe!

Stockholm is a beautiful city which mostly consists out of beautiful waterways and green areas located in the east coast.

Stockholm represents a beautiful combination of modern Scandinavian architecture and old city towers which makes it one hell of a view.

However, the city itself and drinking is really expensive and still partying in Stockholm is a big thing at the moment.

An area named Södermalm with the Stureplan square is famous for its clubs and bars.

If you desire to enter any of these glamorous venues be sure to arrive early as after the clock strikes midnight the waiting in line tends to become slow.

Be sure to bring along your ID and party hard in the Best Nightclubs In Stockholm!

10.Absolut Ice Bar

This is literally the coolest place in Stockholm not only because this place is purely awesome but because the Absolut Ice Bar is made entirely out of ice and the temperature in the nightclub is below zero all year round.

If you do not dispose of warm clothes as you enter the nightclub one will be provided for you as well as some gloves but you will be charged of course!

But included in the price you will also get a frozen vodka cocktail of your choice served in an ice glass.

As you may have already guessed, the Absolut Ice bar finds itself inside an Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi.

Best Nightclubs In Stockholm | Top 10
Best Nightclubs In Stockholm | Top 10
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