Best Places to Visit in Brazil | Top 10

7 July 2014

Best Places to Visit in Brazil | Top 10

The World Cup 2014 was a great opportunity from everybody to visit Brazil but this country will always be an attraction, that’s why no matter if it is an event or not, we will try to show you the best places to visit in Brazil.

But what about the guy’s who like to travel and missed out on the World Cup? Specially for those who want to visit the country, we made a top with some of the most visited attractions in Brazil, trying to cover a large variety of things to do.

For those who want to try something new or like the warm weather and sunny beaches, this is the perfect attraction. But wait Brazil isn’t known only for sunny time and beaches, and the main things to do in this big beautiful country vary.

From historical landmarks, to old cities, to interesting activities, and unique places, the Brazilian people offer you a variety of customs, celebrations and the way of the Latin people.

So prepare your diving gear, surfing board, or your walking shoes because now we are about to go on a virtual tour of the best places to visit in Brazil.

Prepare for hot, sunny, and amazing locations!

10.Joaquina Beach-Florianopolis

Florianopolis is a city in the Southern region of Brazil represented by the main island, meaning the continental part, and several surrounding islands. Know for surfing this city has numerous beaches, one of them, Joaquina Beach, being a well known tourist destination.

Joaquina Beach, Praia de Joaquina, as the locals call it, is a famous attraction from Brazil that started to become a well know beach since the 1970’s.

With several national and international surfing competitions beginning in the 70’s, this beach is known for its big waves and proper conditions for everyone to start several sports like football, footvolley, surfing. The area around the beach is specially made to accommodate everyone with all the necessary utilities.

Talking about surfing, the special part of the Florianopolis city is known also for the rock complex that sets the northern limit of  the beach but also for creative surfing.

The beach, named in the honor of a local woman who taught manufacturing households, is famous for sandsurfing, everyone having the possibility to surf the dunes that margin the beach. This attraction in particular has the most famous dunes in the Southern region of the country.

Best Places to Visit in Brazil | Top 10
Joaquina Beach

Best Places to Visit in Brazil | Top 10


Best Places to Visit in Brazil | Top 10
Joaquina Beach – surfing

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