Best-Selling Products Ever

2 December 2014

Best-Selling Products Ever | TOP 10

What are the best-selling products ever?

The people that create these products have made millions of consumers and investors happy. But creating the most popular product of the year isn’t that simple.

The process not will only change the industry but it also can define a business for decades.

Many of these products have been the first in a new category. Some of those best-selling products took their chance and created something amazing.

For example, because of Harry Potter’s popularity, The New York Times Book Review created a separate children’s bestseller list.

Products like that bring something unique and exciting to our lives.

Let’s begin with the best-selling products ever!

10- iPad -211 million

Best-Selling Products Ever 10- iPad -211 million
Best-Selling Products Ever 10- iPad -211 million |via: shatterbuggy|

Many of you may use this right now. Apple’s tablet is still the best-selling tablet despite losing market share in the first quarter.

With only 32.5% sales in the first quarter of this year, Apple’s tablet has lost in the battle with Samsung.

And that can be seeing in Samsung’s sales. The reason why iPad has lost some of its market share is because people tend to hold more of their tablets longer rather than immediately purchasing the newest tablets.

And we all know how that is working, considering that Apple releases their tablets periodically.

With only 211 million tablets sold, Apple takes the 10th place with their iPads in our top of the best-selling products.

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