Best Swimwear to Show Off Your Tan |Top 10

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Best Swimwear to Show Off Your Tan |Top 10

Whenever we buy swimwear we imagine how it would look on us after we catch a nice shimmery tan. Do you know what the latest collection of swimwear have to offer when it comes to showing off a tan?

Many swimwear trends of 2014 come with endless possibilities to make our tanned body look perfect.

Colorblock bikinis, strappy tops that go every way, exotic accents with beaded details, tassels, studs and prints and ruffles. We just love ruffles this year.

So, whatever trend you choose, you can be sure you will find a swimsuit to highlight your beautiful tan. Colorblock, ruffles or both, these are the Best swimwear to show off your tan |Top 10:


This is a Vitamin A – Jade bikini and strappy top that looks incredibly sexy and comes in a wonderful color.

What I like about it is that it looks sexy and comfortable at the same time.  Those triangular cutouts and dramatic wrap front form a graphic, architectural silhouette.

The wrap construction pulls you in and up, taking cleavage to the max. Wear it with some neon yellow or blue sandals to maximize the effect of that beautiful jade color.

If you have blue or green eyes this is the perfect swimwear for you. This is truly the statement style of the season.

Best Swimwear to Show Off Your Tan |Top 10 - Jade
Best Swimwear to Show Off Your Tan |Top 10 – Jade
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