15 Best Things in Life

14 December 2020

Let’s Take a Moment to Reflect on a Handful of Things That Make Life Worth Living.

Hello Aluxers, and it’s an amazing day to have you back for a Sunday Motivational video!

This is a special one because you never really take the time to think about the best things in life, so why not take today and go through them together.

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We initially wanted to title this one as 15 signs you’re living your best life, but today it would’ve had a polarising connotation because for some that means having a loving family, while for others it means popping bottles in the club.

We want you to reflect on each of the things we mention on this list for your life may literally depend on it.

As always, here’s the video version of this article.


With that said, let’s check out the first item on today’s list


Waking up Next to Someone You Love

Finding that special someone fills in a gap you’d otherwise want to fill with other things, but no matter how hard you try you still feel like you’re missing something.

Those of you who are in a successful relationship or marriage know the few moments of bliss you’re experiencing when you snuggle with your partner and time feels like it’s slowing down… your heart and body fills with warmth and you feel LOVE.

You’re radiating it and it’s bouncing back to you.

Waking up next to someone you love is probably the best way to start your day.


Waking up When You Want to and Making Your Own Schedule

Or better said, not having to wake up at a specific hour just because someone else is making you do it.

Here’s something we want you to remember as long as you live:

It doesn’t matter how much money you have! As long as someone can tell you when to wake up, what to wear and when to show up at work, you’re not a free man.. You’re not a rich man!

Your freedom begins by taking control of the most important thing in your life: TIME.

Unless you begin controlling time, it will end up overpowering you.

Want to be aware of the stuff that steals away your time without you even knowing? Check out 15 Biggest Time Wasters in Life


Living With a Purpose

There has to be a reason for you to wake up in the morning and jump out of bed.

Nothing is worse than lacking purpose. Purpose drives your existence.

A man without purpose is just a man who is waiting to die!

Do everything in your power to find your purpose in life and do it quickly. In your pursuit for it, you’ll find new purposes and you’ll make proper adjustments.

Be a man of purpose!


Youth & Being in Great Health

You’ll spend the first quarter of your life chasing the million dollar bill, only to later realise just how rich you were before you made money.

That’s one of those lines we recommend you rewind.

Let us introduce a new concept to your life called: TIME BILLIONAIRES.

We call you guys future billionaires, because you’re looking to get wealthy, but wealth is more than just money.

You see.. When you’re a teenager or young, you’re time wealthy and this particular wealth depreciates in – ironically – time.

Let’s say you’re gonna live 85 years.

The moment you’re born, you’re credited 2.5 Billion seconds to your life account.

By the way.. This reminds us of the Justin Timberlake movie “In Time”.

And the clock starts running.

The abundance of time and health you’re experiencing in this early stage of your life is a bigger blessing than you can imagine.

They say:  we appreciate what we had only after we have lost it!

Youth and health are 2 of the things that you will eventually lose, but don’t let them go to waste!


Working for Yourself and Being Successful at It

Every one of you is the CEO of their own lives. Think of yourself as a company and don’t go bankrupt.

Working for yourself is one of the most stressful endeavors one can pursue. It’s hard.. it requires sacrifice, but .. on the other side of this complicated hill, there’s freedom waiting for you.

If you can crack the art of working for yourself and figure out how to be good at it, your life will change. Your existence will change. The world will open up to you.

One of the best things ever in life is being great at your craft and having your peers and everyone else acknowledge it.That’s why Maslow put it at the top of his piramid.

Throughout your life, you will pick up pieces out of which you will build yourself, make sure you like what you’re building!

This self-actualization is actually more important for the individual than money, but that doesn’t mean money isn’t important as we’ll see with this next point.


Not Having to Worry About Money Problems

People say money won’t make you happy.. This may or may not be true depending on your own personal values.. But you know what?!

Lack of money will make you miserable!

Anyone who lacks money can confirm this. Growing up poor this was one of the worst things about life: knowing that you need something for your well being and not being able to afford it.

Money problems are the first stepping stone to freedom, for those who do not conquer money, will be its slave until the end.


Overcoming Life’s Big Obstacles Through Your Own Strength

Ridding yourself of problems is great, but there’s nothing fulfilling about someone else saving you from them. It doesn’t feel right. You feel in debt and debt means you owe someone a part of your freedom, which in turn makes you not fully free.

Think of the princesses that get saved by the charming prince in the fairy tales..

Ideally, you want to be the one who fights the dragon. Fight your own dragons, get help when you need it, but do not be mistaken on who’s battle it really is.

One of the best things in life is confronting life itself and figuring out how to win. The outcome becomes a combination of the previous 3 points on this list where you’re proving to yourself and to the world that you can face it.


Deep Conversations With Friends or People Who Are Smarter Than You

Friends make the journey of life more bearable. You need friends and friends you can trust.

They’ll be the ones to cheer you on, to celebrate with once you make it and the shoulder you need to cry on.

Your friends help you grow as an individual.

Your friends are nourishment for the soul!

Which is why one should pick their friends very carefully, for what you put in your soul stays with you for as long as you live.

A plant that doesn’t keep growing will eventually die.

Growth comes from learning, from discovering, from stretching your mind in the process of understanding the world and your role in it.

One of the best things in life is finding new ideas that have value.

Make it a priority to seek them, for as long as you’re growing you will be fulfilled.


Travelling the World and Growing Because of It

If your friends or mentors can not provide you with the nurishment you need, then travel the world and travel far.

It’s scary to travel, because fundamentally, you’re walking into the unknown, into what for you is currently darkness and you don’t know what lies in it.

The more you travel you realise that this perceived darkness is made of places where your light has yet to shine on.

When you travel you learn who you are, you learn of people, you learn about the people who lived before you and your role in the passing of time.

Your senses tingle with the excitement of the new. New foods, new scents, new ideas.. These feed your body, your soul and in the process add color to the self-portrait you’re painting.


Watching Your Kids Grow to Become Happy and Successful Adults

If you decide to have kids there’s nothing better than seeing them evolve. You’ve created life where there wasn’t any.

You’ve chosen to pass down your genetic code and the knowledge-torch, we as humans have accumulated so far, for them to light up the way to a better future.

There’s an underlying idea that governs all human kind progress:

Every parent wants their kids to live a better life than they did!

It doesn’t always happen, but this idea has pushed humanity forward for milenia.

Many of us Aluxers will soon have kids or already have. We all want to give them better tools for the world they will live in. You see.. What particularities worked for you, won’t work for them, for they will already live in a very different world than the one you grew up in.

One should adapt the lessons to make sure that they stand the test of time, which is why earlier this year we launched a parenting channel called NewParents and we invite you all to subscribe here. Once the channel picks up some traction we will begin the evolution process. Think of this project like Alux but for parenting and we hope we’ll make you all proud.


Living With a Sense of Gratitude

Want more from life? Good, be thankful for what you have and life will give you more.

The moment you start taking things for granted, life takes notice and begins taking things away from you just so you are reminded of how blessed you were in the first place.

You often forget just how lucky you are to be alive, to be here right now, to consume this content in the comfort of your home or wherever you find yourself.

Everything in life is a miracle even life itself.

So make the most out of this miracle!

We don’t know if there’s anything after this life, but if there’s even the slightest chance that this is it… the only one we get… why wouldn’t we make it amazing?


Letting Go of the Past and Living in the Present

The fundamental rule governing this piece is built on the idea of freedom and one can not be free unless they break the chains holding them back tied to the past.

We all have our stories… we’ve all had our demons; some… more than others.

Those who end up being free do not allow their past to dictate the present. Their identity is not defined by what happened there. Yes, it shaped them, but they chose to reshape themselves into someone and something else.

One of the best things in life, is being free of the past. Only then one can afford the luxury of living in the present, otherwise it will always be yesterday.

Be here now… this very minute is a unique moment in time that will soon be over. While you have it, make something of it.. Allow this moment to leave a footprint on who you are in even the smallest form. Allow it to build you up rather than be a throwaway piece.


Becoming a Person That You’re Proud Of

Earlier we mentioned success and the way other people perceive you.

But what about yourself.. How do you perceive yourself?

Are you really who you think you are?

Many of us perceive ourselves differently than we truly are. We judge ourselves based on our intentions not by our actions. Just because you thought of doing something good, you’re not the same with the person who did it.. Action will always be held higher in the hierarchy than intent.

This is why many people end up disappointed in themselves. Because they had plans and goal that deep down they knew they would achieve if they put in the work, but they got sidetracked along the way and never got there.

That’s where regret builds up.

Do your best! Plant seeds and water them so that they grow. Nobody is gonna do it for you. Take care of the soil, take care of the plants and when the time is right, you’ll be proud of what you’ll harvest.


Hugging Your Parents and Letting Them Know You Love Them

We mentioned earlier the concept of time billionaires. Unfortunately, for most of your parents the funds are running up, they’re living on the last savings and just staying alive is costing them 86400 seconds every day.

You don’t realise just how quickly their time bank will hit zero and you’ll be left without them.

Once again, we only appreciate something once it’s gone and only those of you who don’t have them around can tell just how worse life is.

But if you have both of your parents, do let them know. Once of the best things in life is seeing your parents face light up when they see you. The feeling of warmth you get when you hug them is surreal, for they are you mom and dad… they made you and did what they could to get you as ahead as they knew how.

You have no idea the sacrifices they made for you, so thank them and let them know how much you love them while you still can.


Living a Life Filled With Memories and No Regrets

The last thing on our list of 15 best things in life has to do with the way you feel about your life towards the end.

What kind of life did you live? Did you give more than you took? Did you accomplish everything set out for yourself?

What if when you die you meet your God and you’re asked:

How was heaven? Did you have fun?

What would you answer?

Live your life right now in such a way that when you’re on your deathbed looking back at it you’re proud of the ride you’ve had.. For life is an amusement park, you’re meant to have fun, to explore, to be ALIVE.

We hope that all of you experiencing this wake-up call right now will change the way you go about your day… even if it’s in the slightest… so that by the end, you’ll tick off as many of the boxes we’ve laid out in front of you!


What’s one of the best things in your life right now?