Beyonce Hairstyle Evolution in Pictures

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Beyonce Hairstyle Evolution in Pictures

Beyonce has made some pretty drastic changes about her hair over the years, but every time she got more and more fabulous. Blonde highlights, natural curls, shot bob or straight bangs are just a few surprising hair changes that she has gone through. Take a look at our article Beyonce Hairstyle Evolution and see which fits her most!

You don’t get to be named the Queen of R’n’B without a strong career and a lot of talent behind, so there’s no surprise that Beyonce has achieved to be a goddess in the entertainment industry, a fabulous appearance at red carpet events and one of the most gorgeous celebrities of all time.

Besides her extraordinary career, she manages to have a beautiful family along with her boo, Jay Z, and her princess daughter, Blue Ivy. We could talk for hours about Beyonce, but today we’re gonna focus on her impeccable and versatile hairstyles that have changed drastically over the years and have made her a trendsetter in hairstyles.

Beyonce Hairstyle Evolution
Long wavy hair with blonde highlights
Beyonce Hairstyle Evolution
Curly Long Hairstyle
Beyonce Hairstyle Evolution
Side Braids (left), Curly Ponytail (right).

When you have a natural curly hair like Beyonce, the hairstyle choices are endless with curls. You can go for a big afro, beachy wave-curls in your hair, romantic easy curls or retro flawless curls. In her music videos, Beyonce has always been very playful with her look and we’ve seen pretty much any type of curls possible. On red carpet events she was spotted with ponytail curls and side curls as well.

Therefore, when you’re lucky enough to have a hair resistant to the curling iron, you’re a lucky girl!

Beyonce Hairstyle Evolution
Side Large Curls
Beyonce Hairstyle Evolution
Straight Bangs & Long Hair

Besides her fabulous flawless curls, Beyonce has had a period of time long straight hair. With straight Cleopatra bangs as well. Beyonce has always gone for blonde shades and when she wore curls that was even more accentuate, but with the straight long hairstyle she chose a light brown color. It’s funny how even if the trends have changed, she still manages to adapt in the current beauty trends as well.

Beyonce Hairstyle Evolution 2

We’re ending the article, with Beyonce’s most recent hairstyles: long bob with blonde highlights and full blonde short bob. A drastic hairstyle change that makes her look fresh, youthful and fabulous!

Which is your favorite haircut seen in Beyonce Hairstyle Evolution?

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