Biggest Lottery Jackpot: Top 10 List in History

23 April 2016

Winning the biggest lottery jackpot changed these people’s life…

Imagine yourself being suddenly rich. You would think you know how it feels. You would think you would have it all figured out. But you really have no idea about winning the biggest lottery jackpot.

Winning a jackpot in a small community even makes us feel like a big winner. Now compare it to winning a national lottery where everyone in your country may join in.

The more people buying the lottery ticket, the bigger the jackpot becomes. Although the winning chance is extremely slim (about two hundred million to one), people still put hopes on this lucky draw game.

How big the jackpot could be? Take a look at this top 10 biggest lottery jackpot in the world ever recorded in the history of lucky dip. Prepare yourself to drool.

10. $399.4 million on USA Powerball (September 18th, 2013)

Biggest Lottery Jackpot: Top 10 List in History Powerball 2013
Biggest Lottery Jackpot: Top 10 List in History: #10. $399.4 million Powerball Jackpot (September 18, 2013) | source: syracuse.com

First up on the 10th rank is a jackpot of $399.4 million which was won by a single ticket. The ticket was purchased in Lexington, South Carolina.

Someone (or maybe more than one) among the 17,800 people from 5.8 square mile town was millions of dollar richer. The winner remains anonymous.

It is the best way to duck from people knocking on your door asking for money. You think salesmen are the worst? Wait until you suddenly have more family members visiting.

Besides the main jackpot, nine states had winners who matched 5 white numbers, winning $1 million each. Two states had winners who used the Power Play feature and won $2 million each.

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