15 Simple Businesses That Can Make You a Millionaire

22 September 2021

The Success of a Business Depends on Good Timing. Here Are Some Simple Business Ideas to Start Right Now.

Some people think making a fortune is good luck, but really, it’s more a matter of timing. Being able to change course or jump on an opportunity, allows you to lead the market and cash in on the demand. Just think back to all those who supplied masks and sanitizer at the drop of a hat when covid hit, or how pharmaceutical giants quickly pivoted into vaccine supply and those who didn’t, missed out. 

We thought it time to give you a little inspiration on simple businesses you can start that can make you a millionaire if you time it just right! 

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Raw Eco-friendly Shampoos Bars and Skincare

Plastics and chemicals are out, environmentally- and body- friendly products are in. One company that has embraced the change is Beauty and the Bees based in Tasmania.

Their Shampoo bars and plastic free packaging has been a big hit, and their online store struggles to keep up with demand. Realising how the consumer attitude is changing and being able to serve an existing market with a more suited alternative, is an easy way to success. 


Home School Assistance

If you haven’t realised that homeschooling is big business, that’s a fail! 

The pandemic lockdowns helped many parents realise that homeschooling their kids suits them better than traditional schooling – which means the family needs a ton of new services in-house that parents may not be confident in.

Setting up online mentoring, tutoring or activity services aimed at this market could just be the next big thing. Plus, there is the need for subscription services like printers and ink supply, stationery and furniture that all make teaching from home possible.

If you can provide online or in-person music lessons, language tutoring or more you can start this business. Forbes revealed that “experts predict e-learning sales will grow to $325 billion by 2025, which means you should enter this scholastic gold rush before the market is oversaturated with competitors”


Selling Houseplants

Who knew that houseplants would be the biggest Jonesing moment of this generation. No Zoom call is complete without at least one house plant laden bookshelf creeping onto the screen.

Be part of the indoor greening revolution and supply the latest in-vogue house plant, or offer a subscription “rental” service so that your clients are always up to date with the trends. 

A South African company called Plantify is doing just that, and has branched out into pot plants, plant rental and plenty of indoor plants plus all the information you will need to keep your plants thriving. It’s a growing business in every part of the world.


Who knew that amid a pandemic there would be a global shortage of flowers.

But now that the wedding bells are ringing again there is a mad rush for blooms to fill the bouquet. 

That means that almost everything wedding related is back in full swing. Wedding planners, photographers and caterers are spinning trying to keep up. Businesses able to rise to the sudden demand will be catching the bouquet. 

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Supplying Bespoke Fresh Produce to the Restaurant Trade 

We’re all pretty tired of eating food that comes in take away cartons. After so many months in lock-down there is a new appreciation for fresh restaurant experiences.

Whatever the local cuisine of your area calls for, you can be sure that there is a product in short supply. Find the shortage and plug it and you have yourself a simple business.

Escargot, Tilapia, Oysters or seaweed to microgreens and mushrooms. Reliable and fresh supply is something that restaurants, deli’s and grocery stores struggle with. You could be the missing link to supply the next big food trend.


Latest Smart Accessory

You don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs to be in the tech supply chain. However, you can coast on his coat tails all the way to the bank. If you’re at the ready with accessories for the latest tech, then you can get your phone covers, replacement chargers and screen protectors manufactured and to market before anyone else. Being aware of what is being launched next and getting together a manufacturing contract is the first step towards success. 


Post COVID Entertainment Craze

There is no denying the world has changed. Cinemas and cruise ships have a “petri dish” reputation and most of us have built every puzzle you could buy online by now. But businesses who started and rose to those needs, or offered alternatives, did well in Covid.

If you missed the revolution of providing stay-cation services or peddling board games online, then be sure you look for ways to serve the post-covid entertainment craze. 

Anyone embracing the change and finding the opportunity to create alternative entertainment that is covid-safe will do well.


Meal Prep Services

Covid has shown us all the importance of health. But the pressure to eat clean and healthy and also work hard and play hard, leads to stress around meals for many busy people. Fill this gap by dusting off some of your grandma’s wholesome recipes, giving them a modern health spin and offering home prepared meal services.

Sign up clients by the week or month and deliver frozen or fresh meals ready to microwave and eat but with none of the preservatives and disappointment served up by supermarket ready meals.


Secure and Display NFTs

There is already a global scramble to create more NFT trading platforms. Now that NFT’s are embraced, it’s time to figure out how to show off your new bling thing. How do buyers keep their NFT secure, how can they best display it, and is it possible to create NFT galleries to curate “displays”?

This might seem absurd, but do you remember 5 minutes ago when paying $1 million for a digital file that has been shared millions of times was also absurd? So less criticising and more time spent figuring out how to service the vast NFT market.


Sports 2.0

What does post-covid sports look like? There will be plenty of new requirements to keep everyone safe, and encourage crowds back to public spaces. Temperature scanners, air sanitizers, more controlled queuing systems and so on, will all need to be retrofitted until the virus passes.

If you consider all the elements of mass sporting events, there are so many new needs that are simple to provide and could score you millionaire status.


Tech Support Company for the Elderly

Not everyone knows the difference between harddrives and software. And while technology is ever evolving, there comes an age where many people give up trying to stay on top of the changes.

Just think of all those Boomers, about to retire but still needing to upgrade their phone every 2 years, or keep up to date with the latest app their family is communicating on.

Offer online or onsite tech support for simple everyday PC fixes. You don’t have to tackle companies networking security projects to make money in tech. Setting up grandma’s webcams or new phone can net you some decent money. It’s a really scalable business, and with the right price point for your region, you could be booked up from the start.

If you are good with technology, you might enjoy reading 10 Technologies That Can Make You Rich.



Honey is having another buzz word moment.. Consumers are becoming aware that much of the honey sold in supermarkets contains more flavoured sugar than honey and has no nutritional value because it’s so processed.

There is a huge market open for pure honey supply. Beekeeping or hive clearing is one way to get to the liquid gold, while others transport hives around the countryside helping farmers access the work of the master pollinators seasonally.

The Hive owner reaps the rewards with free pollen to create honey. Start small and this business can quickly turn into a hive of wealth. 


Travel 2.0

Travel isn’t going to be the same, let’s face it. You can grieve that, or you can start a business around the new opportunities.

Whether you can supply sanitizing solutions, safe travel options or remote stays, if it makes people feel safe from infection and lockdown rules, then it’s needed. There is going to be a much bigger need for private transport from airports than ever, so don’t miss the bus. 


Start a Food Truck

The lowly food truck is not as “mom and pop” as previously thought. And thanks to the pandemic, outdoor eating is more popular than ever. 

These mobile gold mines are making millions when entrepreneurs get it right. Experts believe that the US food truck industry alone will reach a value of $996.2 million. If you want to cash in on the trend, the time is now.


High Risk Services

Do you have a love of heights, or no fear of wild creatures? Then high risk services might be a good fit and a lucrative market for you. There is a growing number of big cat owners across the globe, and other exotic pets need grooming. A high concentration of owners are in the UAE.

Also in the area are a growing number of high rise buildings, although the same can be said for most city skylines. With all that glazing, there are plenty of window washing positions and companies pay big money to contractors willing to take on the specialized job because well…no one is lining up for the work.


What do you believe the next big industry is going to be?