Don’t read if you haven’t watched Captain America: Civil War

5 May 2016

Here comes the Captain America: Civil War spoilers. Look away!

Have you watched the latest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If you have, let’s take a look back at these jaw-dropping facts. If you haven’t, are you ready for the major Civil War spoilers?

As we know, this movie tells about the collision between two divided hottest superhero teams. One is led by Steve Rogers, Captain America. And the other one is led by Tony Stark, Iron Man.

So, what are these two sides fighting about anyway? Catching up from the previous Captain America movie, it is about Bucky, the Winter Soldier. He was framed for an attack during the Sokovia Accord signing. The pro-accord team (led by Stark) hunts him down. The pro-Bucky team (led by his best friend, Capt.) protects him.

Which side will win? Well, the real question is: how will this feud affect the Avengers? There are ten jaw-dropping facts evolved around this feud. Buckle up and prepare yourself.

10. There is a secret bunker under the ocean

Captain America: Civil War Spoilers: 10 Jaw-Dropping Facts Secret Bunker Under the Ocean
Captain America: Civil War Spoilers: 10 Jaw-Dropping Facts | #10 There is a secret bunker under the ocean | source: screenrant.com

There was a scene where Tony Stark flew across the ocean on his helicopter in a very bad weather. It keeps you wondering, where was he going? It seemed like he has nowhere to go.

And then suddenly, something emerged from the stormy ocean. It was a huge black bunker. The facility was built by the army to imprison criminals. In this case, they are the pro-Bucky Avengers team. Didn’t they learn anything from the Hulk’s cage?

In our universe, one of the most expensive bunkers ever built is located in Germany. The 21,000 square meters complex was built to survive all kinds of doomsday scenarios. This billionaire bunker is estimated to €1 billion.

Back to the Marvel cinematic universe. That prison bunker is equipped with all kinds of high technology (which doesn’t exist in our universe yet). So it may cost a lot more than just one billion Euros.

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