Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Vegetarians |Top 10

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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Vegetarians |Top 10

The vegetarian lifestyle is adopted by more and more people every day, including celebrities. Are you curious which are the Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Vegetarians |Top 10?

I support a healthy lifestyle and especially the vegan one that means much more than a diet. Vegetarianism is about protecting nature, fighting for animal rights and a cruelty free world.

You will be amazed how many celebrities have chosen to live like this.

Let’s see some of them and discover their reasons for making this impressive change.

10Pamela Anderson

I am aware that when I say Pamela Anderson, the first thing you will think about is her 36DD bra size. But let’s not forget that she is also known for being a longtime animal-rights activist. It’s only logic that she is a vegetarian.

Pamela reveals that she follows a strictly a vegetarian diet since her teenage years and she drinks lots of water, as her secret to a healthy bodyweight. She became a vegetarian when she was young, after walking into a shed in her backyard and seeing her dad cut the head off a deer he had just hunted and killed.

“My refrigerator is full of kale and greens. I can’t imagine something greasy or eating meat.”

Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Vegetarians |Top 10 - Pamela Anderson
Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Vegetarians |Top 10 – Pamela Anderson
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