10 Celebrities Who Became Famous Overnight

29 June 2014

10 Celebrities Who Became Famous Overnight

Do you know 10 celebrities who became famous overnight? Because we do, and we made a top 10!

The road to fame is a bumpy one, paved with lots of obstacles.

Some celebrities had managed to achieve fame the old fashioned way.

Low budget films, lots of auditions and rejections and the list can continue.

And there are some of them like these 10. Some became Oscar winners thanks to their debut roles and some of them became superstars just like that.

But let’s not be that mean! For those Oscar winners, we know that an Oscar is the result of hard work! But how hard?

Let’s get straight to business and see 10 stars who became famous overnight!

10Amber Heard

We begin our top 10 with the American model and actress, Amber Heard.

Amber Laura Heard was born on April 22, 1986, and she her film debut in ‘Friday Night Lights’, starring Billy Bob Thornton.
After small roles in ‘North Country’, ‘Alpha Dog’, ‘All the Boys Love Mandy Lane’ and so on, Amber Heard was hardly a household name.

Until 2011, when she was cast as Johnny Depp’s love interest in ‘The Rum Diary’. And that love still exists in real life.
The pair began dating in 2012 and the following year the couple became engaged on Christmas Eve. Talk about becoming famous overnight.

Currently, Amber Heard is filming 2 movies with James Franco and will star alongside her fiance in ‘London Fields’, set to be released later this year.

10 Celebrities Who Became Famous Overnight 10. Amber Heard
10 Celebrities Who Became Famous Overnight 10. Amber Heard

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