Where Did Celebrities Go in Bali?

23 October 2017

Where to go next? How about this popular celebrity holiday destination?

The old generations used to tell me a joke about my country. They say when I travel around the world, and people ask me where I come from, answer “Indonesia” and they will be confused. But answer “Bali” and they will nod and smile. That says a lot about Bali’s popularity as celebrity holiday destination.

Living here for years as a local, I can say I make more foreign friends than local ones. They are everywhere! International tourists, including celebrities, have been flocking this island of gods for decades. And here we have 15 proofs of it!

Actors, singers, models, athletes, you name it, they were here! These fifteen celebrity sightings are those discovered. Imagine how many of them went undiscovered, thanks to their high level ability to camouflage.

So, let’s get going. Without further ado, let’s check out where did those celebrities go to in this lovely Dewata island. Prepare your traveling bucket list because it’s about to be inspired!

15. Medicine Man House in Ubud – Julia Roberts

15 Celebrity Holiday Destination in Bali | 15. Medicine Man House in Ubud - Julia Roberts
15 Celebrity Holiday Destination in Bali | 15. Medicine Man House in Ubud – Julia Roberts | source: indonesiaexpat.biz

First on our list is probably a place that has been on your bucket list since the release date of Eat, Pray, Love. Since this 2010 movie made Ubud as one of its movie sets, this part of Bali has become more and more popular. Located in central Bali, it offers cooler tropical breeze and more peaceful ambiance. Don’t expect to run into a DJ’s party in this area though.

But that is why yogis, vegans, all compassion and nature lovers love to stay in Ubud. And if you’re looking for a spiritual experience like Elizabeth Gilbert (Julia Roberts) did, seeing a medicine man for some future enlightenment is worth to try.

In the movie, Liz met Ketut Liyer. This character was based on a real-life medicine man living in Ubud. Unfortunately, the real Ketut Liyer has passed away. But that doesn’t mean you cannot find the path towards happiness Ketut showed to others when he was alive.

Ketut Liyer built Liyer House at the center of Ubud. It offers you a calm oasis to relax and harmonize yourself at its resort and spa.

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