How Do Celebrities Dress for Summer?

14 June 2016

Summer is here! Have you gone through your wardrobe and found nothing good to wear? We have some ideas for your celebrity look this summer!

This summer is unlike any other summer. Apparently, in most countries, it starts with rainy month of June. So, adapt your summer style with this peculiar weather condition. Same rules applied to the celebrity look you want to pull off.

The main rule of summer fashion style is to be bold, yet to be careful with your color choices. Because the sun is already shining bright, supposedly, so you do not want to hurt people’s eyes with the crazy colors you wear.

The weather may be hot and heavy, but it does not always mean that you have to show more skin. There are other ways to keep your body cool besides wearing less fabric.

Take a look at these 15 styles from celebrities during summer. Approximate price for each item and its brand are also available for your information. Enjoy!

15. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

How to Pull Off A Celebrity Look this Summer | Rosie Huntington
How to Pull Off A Celebrity Look this Summer | Rosie Huntington-Whiteley | source: elleuk.com

Look stylish and chic with this style of Victoria’s Secret Angel. Rosie’s casual look can be applied for both day and night. The key to pull off this look during summer is to wear the right fabric.

The blouse is made of linen. It is light and loose. So, despite the fact that it covers your whole upper body, you will not be sweltered. A similar linen blouse is available at Zara for $17.

Slim jean is a good choice for a cooler summer like today. Match it with ankle-strap stiletto sandals to keep your look functional yet stylish. Average price for these black orchid pants is $65. And for the stiletto sandals is $40.

Last but not least, the accessories. Match the color of your handbag and bracelet with your shoes. You can get similar handbag for $52 and the bangle bracelet for $33. Do not forget the shady sunglasses for $13. You can copy this celebrity look for just around $220.

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