Charlotte McKinney’s Instagram Proves She’s the New Kate Upton

3 December 2015

Meet Charlotte McKinney Instagram Beauty of the Day

Hey there Aluxer, we’re really excited for you to meet Charlotte McKinney Instagram Beauty of the Day on Alux!

If you’ve been with us for a while, you probably remembered we covered her back in January 2015 in a very NSFW editorial that sadly is no longer available since it didn’t comply with guidelines and stuff, so we had to take it down *sad*.

But now, we’re back and this time we’ll do it right!

If you read till the end we might have a special surprise for you! But let’s not hurry!

Charlotte McKinney is a TV personality and a fairly young name in the modeling industry that blew up recently!

She is a 24 year old girl from Florida, born & raised, currently living in Miami, from where she pursues her modeling career. Everybody thinks she is the next “big thing” in the model world, with the looks that could sale more  Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition issues than Kate Upton. We’ll just have to wait and see!

But today it’s not about magazine covers but about her instagram feed!

We went through it, got a series of barely safe for work pictures that will definitely spark your appetite to learn more about this gorgeous model!

Let’s see what makes Charlotte McKinney Instagram Beauty of the Day on Alux!

When she’s not looking gorgeous in photo shoots she’s attending events and definitely raising up the hotness index in any room she’s in

Charlotte McKinney Instagram BOTD

Charlotte McKinney Instagram BOTD

Her instagram is filled with photos of her wearing close to no clothing while traveling to gorgeous locations.

She’s currently single so we want to give you guys some tips on how’s the best way to pick her up!

We promised you a surprise for reading till this point so if the video above wasn’t enough you can check out this hot video! You’re welcome!

This was our cover on Charlotte McKinney Instagram Beauty of the Day for Alux! If you liked what you saw make sure you follow her on instagram and like her facebook page!

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