15 Crazy Things You Only See in China

15 June 2021

Believe It or Not, China Is a Pretty Interesting Country. Here Are Some Crazy Things You Only See in China.

Experts say that population decline is turning Earth into a Ghost Town, even China with 1.4 billion people, is feeling the pinch.

Today, we’ll tell you what China is doing to alleviate the decline in numbers along with 15 other Crazy Things You Only See in CHINA.

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Ghost Cities

An interesting fact about China is that it has over 50 ghost cities, or cities that have just a handful of people living in. These cities were built during the economic boom and were specifically built away from coastal areas so that money could be pumped into rural areas. These rural areas were built up with apartments, lakes, malls – basically everything needed for a fully functioning city.

As explained by Dinny McMahon in his book, China’s Great Wall of Debt – Shadow Banks, Ghost Cities, Massive Loans, and the End of the Chinese Miracle, “Local governments around the country tried to juice and stimulate their economies by building more infrastructure and stimulating the property market.”

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The plan didn’t work. People were sceptical of moving to a brand-new city, and most of them were abandoned.

There is hope for some of them today, like Ordos’s Kangbashi district, where property is currently booming. One of the top high schools moved to this district, and it’s been a race and effort by parents to get their children into this prestigious school.


It’s No Longer “Cool” to Be Rich

You’ve seen plenty of footage of Crazy Rich Asians. You’ve seen them flawlessly falling out of luxury vehicles, you’ve seen them flaunting their pet tigers and cheetahs and you’ve seen them spending lavishly on luxury items… but it seems that’s about to change.

According to BBC, looking rich is not the cool thing anymore in China.  China’s rich have always been considered ostentatious, flaunting their wealth all over social media.

Lately, this wealth has been greeted by disdain and hostility. Many influencers and wealthy Chinese people have tried to perfect the art of the “humble brag,” but even that is not working. The wealthy are being looked down upon and their lavish lifestyles, in stark contract to the majority, are a cause of contention and frustration… meaning, being rich is no longer considered cool in China.


Get Fetched When Stuck in Traffic

Aluxers, traffic jams in China are no joke. There was once a traffic jam that lasted 10 days! The China National Highway 110 traffic jam occurred in 2010, affecting thousands of vehicles across 100km of road.

So, what do you in that kind of situation?

You hire someone to come and fetch you on their motorbike. Actually, you hire two people. One person will stay behind with your vehicle, and you’ll hop on the back of the motorbike and be taken back to your place.

Let’s hope you never have a need for this kind of service where you live!

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Cashing in on Similar Looks Is No-Go Territory

Another interesting fact in China is, if you’re making money impersonating a celebrity, you could land yourself in trouble.  

As reported by Southern China Morning Post, Chen Xinling who looks a lot like Fan Bingbing, is being sued by the actress for infringing her portrait rights. Xinling didn’t call herself Fan Binging but went by the name Fan Yebing – using her likeness to sell beauty products and treatments.

The article claims that “from September 2018, Fan had been involved in six civil cases over her portrait, all of which she won.”

Bingbing wants Xinling to stop using the name Fan Yebing, she wants her lawyer’s fees paid, 500,000 yuan in compensation and a public apology. In the interim, Xinling underwent rhinoplasty to try reduce the resemblance she has with Bingbing.


Share Prices Increase When a Panda Is Pregnant

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that sort of news affected share prices worldwide? In this case, it only affected the share prices of nearby restaurant chains to Ueno Zoo, where mommy panda, Shin Shin lives. Granted, this was in Tokyo – but Totenko – a Chinese restaurant chain – saw a massive increase in share prices.

According to the Global Times, Totenko’s share price hit its daily limit after the zoo said it would halt viewing of Shin Shin on suspicion, she may be pregnant.

Shin Shin is also from China. Fast forward a few years and she gave birth to a healthy baby cub.


Only in China Do 21 People Die in a Marathon

BBC confirmed that China… “suspended all ultramarathon and long-distance races after 21 runners died when extreme weather struck a race last month.”

The ill-fated race took place on the 22nd of May. Runners were warned of a little wind and rain, but nothing like was experienced. Hail, heavy rain, and gale force wind hit runners while on a mountainous section, and many lost their way due to poor visibility.

Suspended sports include trail running, wingsuit flying, desert trekking and extreme long-distance races.


Nail Houses That Aren’t Going Anywhere

Aluxers, nail houses are home that Chinese people refuse to move out of despite construction going on around them.

Big construction companies are not allowed to move them, and so they continue to build. Land is extremely expensive in China, and many homeowners believe they won’t find the land or a home as what they’re currently living in.

The Guardian reports that there is a new plan in place that will target China’s most defiant landowners. As they put it, “It’s curtains for the nail house.”


Birthday Party Are Banned

A Chinese country has banned birthday parties in an unusual attempt to remain frugal. Funing county in southwest China has not only banned birthday parties but has also set a rule limiting cash gifts at weddings and funerals to $31.

These rules only apply to communist party members, civil servants, and village organization leaders.

It isn’t the first time there has been a crackdown on extravagance. In 2015, members of the Communist Party were banned from entering private clubs, joining golf clubs or eating and drinking excessively.

For many years, China has been trying to curb its citizens spending on big events, calling them an extravagance and wasteful.


You Can Order a Mystery Live Animal in a Box

Just a month ago, an interesting fact came to light that in China, people were ordering a “Blind Box” which would contain one mystery animal, delivered to your door. We’re not referring to a stuffed animal, but rather, an actual living, breathing, eating, animal…

Insider.com confirms that “A Chinese online shopping site was accused of animal cruelty after shipping out $1.50 ‘mystery boxes’ filled with live puppies and kittens, many of whom suffocated or starved in transit.”

Measures are being put in place, but online shoppers have found other adverts popping up like the “tortoise mystery box,” for just 50 cents!


You Can Hire Someone to Go to Prison for You

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Called Ding zu, this practise sees Chinese people hiring body doubles or imposters to stand trial for them and receive the punishment. The term Ding zu means “substitute criminal,” and it’s allegedly quite common amongst the wealthy.


1 Child, 2 Children Now 3 Children

In 1979, China implemented a one child policy. China was concerned that the population growth would outpace economic development and there was a dire need to ease the pressure on the environment and the country’s natural resources.

According to Investopedia, the rules were relaxed on October 29th, 2015, allowing couples to have 2 children. It’s estimated that the policy resulted in 400-million fewer births.

The interesting fact is that on the 31st of May, 2021, China announced that it would allow all married couples to have 3 children. The news has not been greeted with much excitement, with most couples unable to afford the cost of 1 child!

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Wearing Children’s Clothing Has Become a Fad

A recent craze has seen women head to Uniqlo stores to post images of themselves on social media wearing… children’s clothing.

The Chinese equivalent of Instagram and Twitter have seen an influx of young women flaunting tiny tees and skirts with the hashtag, “adults trying on Uniqlo children’s clothes.” This hashtag had received close to 700 million views at the time the article was published on BBC.

The hashtag has caused heated debate about the unhealthy obsession many Chinese women have about looking thin, not to mention the dozens of ruined t-shirts that can no longer be sold.


Court Rules That Ex-wife Should Be Paid for Her Housework

In an interesting development in China, a Beijing court earlier this year, ordered a man to pay his ex-wife for the fact that she had done housework during their 5-year marriage.

The man wanted to divorce his wife and she agreed on condition that he paid her for the domestic work and childcare she had provided without any help from him.

The landmark ruling awarded the woman 50,000 yuan for the labour she had done and monthly alimony of 2,000 yuan.


Soccer Match Cancelled Because of Hair Colour

A University soccer match between Fuzhou and Jime was cancelled because players had dyed their hair.

The rules are strict, and one of them includes a ban on dying hair if you play for the women’s soccer teams. Despite the rule, players from both teams had dyed their hair. When one player attempted to return hers to black, officials deemed it “not black enough,” and the match was forfeited according to the Bangkok Post.


The Government Wants to Market Themselves as Loveable

President Xi Jinping has told his Communist Party leaders that he wants China to make friends extensively. In order to do that, according to Business Today, China must create a ‘trustworthy, lovable and respectable’ image for the country.

A Pew Research survey confirmed that negative views of China reached historic highs last year. Interesting fact is, China is now looking at Biden for inspiration.

It’s possible that inspiration is right in front of them, for example, they could begin with allowing female soccer players to play a match without worrying if their hair is not black enough… that’s definitely a step forward in making themselves more loveable, wouldn’t you say?


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