David Gandy is One of the Most Stylish Men on Instagram

14 December 2015

David Gandy Instagram Men of Style

Hey there everybody, on our facebook page one of you Aluxer ladies requested that we include a “Handsome of the day” along our “Beauty of the Day Section” and we found it to be a great idea, so we’re pleased to introduce our first H.O.T.D. , here’s David Gandy Instagram Man of Style!

If you’re not familiar with us and this is the first time you’re on Alux -we don’t know what’s wrong with you- we look at everything that makes an elegant life.

Both ladies and gents of the Alux community can learn a thing or two when it comes to style from men like David and we’re excited to get started with this project.

In order for it to happen you need to play a role also! For someone to become BOTD or HOTD you need to submit a picture of them here (you need to be logged in to submit) and then if the community is intrigued someone on our team will jump in and create a deep dive post.

Enough with the intro, let’s get busy with why you’re here!

We’ll be taking a look at one of the most stylish men we know; introducing: David Gandy Instagram Handsome of the Day!

david gandy instagram handsome of the day alux 3
Introducing: David Gandy Instagram Handsome of the Day

Who is David Gandy and why is he famous?

David Gandy is an English model that back in 2001 won a televised show. It just so happened that the fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana took notice of him and offered him the opportunity to become a model.

In an industry dominated by rather skinny male models he was one of the first muscular and fit ones and changed the industry standard.

David Gandy is famous because almost every woman in the world finds him hot and most men would like to look like him! That and because he was backed by some of the biggest fashion brands in the world set him as a wold-wide sex symbol.

If you’re a lady of the Alux community, we recommend you follow him on instagram for your daily dose of man goodness and if you’re a guy you will also get a lot of fashion and style inspiration that will take the way you wear clothes to the next level!

Here’s what we mean by that:

Oh yeah, he’s also really fit

We like David Gandy because he’s got a style a little more business casual, more elegant than you everyday male fashion blogger, he’s got class.

david gandy instagram handsome of the day alux 2

david gandy instagram handsome of the day alux

How Rich is David Gandy, how much is he paid/earning and what is his net worth?

We’re estimating that the David Gandy Net Worth is somewhere around the $16 Million mark, making him one of the richest and highest paid male models in the world!

Most of the money comes from modeling contracts and brand endorsements so he has leveraged his shot at fame to rack in some serious cash!

David Gandy Net Worth: $16 Million Classic Car Alux
David Gandy Net Worth: $16 Million

We’re happy to announce that he’s sending his regards;

And because you’ve read so far we have a surprise for both men and women of the community!

That ends our cover of David Gandy Instagram Handome of the Day! This was out first post with the tag HOTD, if the article does well and you guys like it, we’re definitely going to put together other posts like this one!