10 Destinations Too Expensive for Poor People

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    Want to Travel the World but Don’t Have Enough Money to Do So? Check Out What Places Are Too Expensive for You to Visit.

    Being poor is sh*t. It’s even worse seeing people gloat about their vacations to luxury destinations on social media, especially with Covid forcing average earners to stay home with a trip to the grocery store considered a mini break.

    Here are just 10 Destinations Too Expensive for Poor People.

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    If you plan on reading this article till the end, you’re destined to fail in it because of how long and boring it is. Switch out to the video version instead:

    Without further ado, let’s see what is first on our list.


    Forestis, Dolomites – Italy

    As if Italian ski holidays had anything left to prove, Forestis plans to one up the natural glory of the Plose Mountains with opulent luxury. Here guests were social distancing long before it was a necessity. The hotel is built on the site of a sanatorium and people have come here for health and rejuvenation for more than 100 years.

    This luxury boutique hotel serves sublime meals prepared by head chef, Roland Lamprecht. Guests who have dined there say they’d pay the price of the accommodation just to have a meal there again.

    The hotel is kid free – bonus – and Aluxers, can we really put a price on peace and quiet? But fur parents, you’re welcome to bring your pooch along.

    A penthouse here will run you around $2400 per night, depending on the season.


    Davos, Switzerland

    Who are we kidding? No one is taking a “budget holiday” and choosing Davos as a destination. Davos is more akin to super-rich banking moguls, A-listers and heads of state who make big decisions in the boardrooms of this Swiss Ski town. It’s a work hard, play hard kind of place that hosts the World Economic Forum each year.

    There are two kinds of people in Davos, Billionaires, and those working for billionaires.

    What is considered a “cheap” hotel in Davos will still cost around $500 a night according to Trip.com. A nice meal will set you back $110, but don’t worry there is a McDonalds in Davos, except that you’ll pay $15 for a McMeal!

    Npr.org describes Davos as, “the Swiss town where the financially, intellectually and politically powerful convene each year to reconnect with friends, eat, drink and share observations about winning and losing.”

    Aluxers, it’s not the place where you’ll be bumping into your poor friends, that’s for sure.

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    Emerald Resort and Spa, Maldives

    Welcome to your dreams, because that is probably the only place most can afford out of all these luxury destinations. The only downside of this resort is having to choose beach villas or overwater villas, although for those who can afford the $2,000 a night price tag, can enjoy both.

    Each unit has a deck, a pool, use of tennis courts, canoes, paddle boards, jet skis and more and you’re living it up like only the rich and famous can. Transport will also cost you a pretty penny because the resort is only accessible by a small plane which will cost $570 a person, but then again, billionaires would never rough it in “public transport” like that, they will save the fare and jet in on their private planes.

    Prices are all inclusive, so if you do manage to save up to stay there, you won’t get any nasty surprises.

    If you are still not convinced to travel to these magical places, check out 15 Reasons Why You Should Travel the World.


    Antarctica on the Magellan Explorer

    Nothing says social distancing like a trip to the Arctics. Since the future of both poles is questionable, billionaires are making their way to see the Antarctic before the landscape all but disappears.

    In the 2018-2019 season tourism to the Antarctic increased by 18% as more tourist companies offered Antarctic experiences.

    One option is to hop aboard the Magellan Explorer. A sustainable ice fairing vessel that hosts up to 71 mega-rich guests at a time in complete luxury.

    Of course, if you’re loaded and heading for the South Pole you should spring for a room with a view not a tiny porthole bunker. For this luxury you will pay anything from $12,000 to 24,000 according to Polar Cruises.com


    Six Senses Shaharut, Israel

    Israel is so hot right now! Both literally and in a “happening” sense. It’s the new must-see destination, and the luxury tourism market is booming more than other destinations.

    The Negev Desert is one such location of the luxury Six Senses Shaharut. We aren’t sure which extra sense they are referring to, but perhaps it’s the ability to part with so much cash for one night’s stay without crying! Or perhaps its sweat, because the Negev desert temperatures sit at a sweltering 40degrees Celsius most days.

    But heat is kind of a thing in Israel who boast some of the best spas, saunas and steam rooms in the world.

    You can expect to drop a cool $9,200 on a night’s stay in their Private Reserve suite. But when you’re a billionaire you probably wouldn’t consider staying in the Panorama Pool Villa for $2.400 a night, like a commoner!

    This 5-Star Desert Oasis is set to open sometime between June and August 2021.


    Submarine Hotel, St Lucia

    What do you get someone who has everything on earth? Well, a night in a submarine of course! This unique experience in the Caribbean Sea, like most luxury destinations, is reserved for only the most monied because at $280,000 a night, it’s not on most peoples’ radar.

    Nothing screams exclusive like the Lover’s Deep submarine hotel, moored off a coastal reef of St Lucia. Here, guests can swim with the fishes, without getting wet. All your needs are met by a personal butler and a private chef who will whip up any meal under the …ocean!

    Forget the mile high club, and spend a night getting low in the Submarine Hotel.

    If this is out of your budget, why not try AirBnB? We always use it in our travels, so we partnered with them to give you, the Aluxers, a discount. Go to alux.com/airbnb and get 25$ off your first trip.


    Royal Malewane, South Africa

    Get into the African wild in the lap of complete luxury. Kruger National Park is home to the Big 5, and some of the best wildlife viewing on earth. Bordering Kruger is the Royal Malewane inside its own private game reserve. One of many traits that made it a shoo-in for the Conde Naste 20 best resorts in the world’s host list in 2020.

    Embracing the elegance of old-world charm, the lodge houses just 8 suites. Guests are waited on hand and foot as they take in the enormity of the African wildness around them.

    Each suite features its own pool and viewing deck where animals meander into view throughout the day. If you take the liberty to browse the website, be forewarned that the cheapest night stay is $5,000 a night, while you could pay upwards of $15,000 for you and bae to set foot on the Persian rugs, absorb the silk finishing’s and enjoy your own private services.


    Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia

    Nihi Sumba Island looks like the epitome of heaven on earth. A lush palm tree island, perfect curling waves, clear water and white sandy beaches. To stay on this palm-fringed coastline in Indo you could book into one of the ultimate luxury destinations of Nihi Sumba. Or you could just spring for an entire estate.

    It’s the ultimate in east Asian persuasion with beautiful, thatched villas each hidden from each other by tropical forest, so you feel like you’re the only people on your own island paradise.

    Naturally, like most luxurious stays on this list, all meals are included and are freshly prepared to the guest’s discerning taste.

    The honour of staying in this lofty island dream begins from $5400 for a minimum stay of 3 nights, but when you look into the lusher estate units, you will be paying upward of $34 000.


    Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, Thailand

    This isn’t your garden variety camp out Aluxers. Unzip these tents for a look around and you’ll find every creature comfort you can imagine.

    Campfire smores won’t be the highlight at the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle. This Thailand tented camp lies on the border of Burma and Laos and offers the ultimate background outdoor adventurers to play.

    Even dining brings nature to the table where guests are encouraged to join the chef foraging for fresh produce in the properties gardens and partake in a Thai cooking class. Everything from hiking to biking and spa time out is available. Or set off and meet the rescued elephants that are now living their best life free in the forest. Come back and cool off in a private pool, overlooking a vast expanse of 3 countries combined.

    This camping trip will cost you on average seasonal rates about $1800 a night for a tented unit. Or book the lodge accommodation and you will be forking out in the region of $3900 a night for your stay.


    Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp, Kenya

    Cottars 1920s Safari Camp is about as close to camping as birds are to aeroplanes. The camp is based on a 6,000-acre private game reserve in Kenya near the border of Tanzania. The main draw card of the area is the wildlife abundance of the Serengeti National Park and the Maasai Mara National Reserve, both of which Cottar’s shares a border with. So, to say it is the perfect location is an understatement.

    You can join an expert Maasai guide and tracker to get the most of the African wildlife and see all the “Big Five” as well as a myriad of animals you never knew … you never knew about.

    After a long day of Safari, you can relax into all the luxury of this Global Ecosphere Retreat. There are only 10 tents available, so it won’t be the throng of a camping ground, and each is complete with Antique furnishings, oriental rugs, candelabras, and steamer trunks, en-suite bathrooms or opt for a safari bath in the middle of the savannah.

    Accommodation at this place, like all luxury destinations, as a full board package costs more than $3000 per night, and that’s before you have added on the activities! At that price you can be sure, it’s an experience fit for a Lion King.


    What is the most you have ever spent on a holiday, and was it worth it?

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