Emily Sears Is One of the Sexiest Women on Instagram

25 November 2015

Emily Sears Instagram Beauty Of The Day

Hey Aluxer, meet Emily Sears Instagram Beauty of the Day on Alux!

We love to share with you guys up and coming models that we’re happy to have known for a while and it’s something we’re sure our community definitely enjoys!

You guys have been submitting pictures of the hottest models out there on the Image Section of Alux and the tag Emily Sears Instagram, popped up more than once, so you guys definitely have a thing for her!

Looking at her almost 2 Million followers we can see why!

Let’s learn a thing or two about this gorgeous model:

Emily Sears was born in Melbourne, Australia and now she is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Growing up in Melbourne, a place where art and fashion are blooming, Emily was exposed to this world of passion at a young age.

Her love for modeling came from her aunt Wendy Martin, who was the Australian Model of the year 1956. She lived in Los Angeles after being discovered by the photographer Helmut Newton.

Emily’s first shoot was sold for two magazine covers and her first cover with Zoo Weekly,Australia’s highest selling men’s magazine, received a great amount of positive feedback. Since then she’s been incredibly busy!

It’s really hard to go on instagram and now see several hot Photos of Emily Sears among your friends and we both know you’re double tapping the screen!

But don’t take our word for it!

For those of you that don’t yet know here this is Emily Sears Instagram Beauty of the Day:

A photo posted by #EMILYSEARS (@emilysears) on

A photo posted by #EMILYSEARS (@emilysears) on

Although she seems innocent posing like this:

A photo posted by #EMILYSEARS (@emilysears) on

Or this:

A photo posted by #EMILYSEARS (@emilysears) on

There were very few Photos of Emily Sears that are still be Safe For Work

Emily’s one of those girls that simply has a bombshell body and she’s not afraid to show it off! A lot!

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve got nothing against it, more so, when you have a body like hers you would do the world harm not showing it off!

In her instagram feed there’s just enough left to the imagination

Emily Sears Instagram Beauty of the Day

She’s doing plenty of professional photo shoots and works with big name brands

A photo posted by #EMILYSEARS (@emilysears) on

A really fun personality to work with, she’s the type of model that knows what her strong points are and makes sure she uses them to her advantage!

She loves tight dresses:

A photo posted by #EMILYSEARS (@emilysears) on

A photo posted by #EMILYSEARS (@emilysears) on

Let’s say that Emily Sears is the type of Kitty you want to run into during Halloween:

A photo posted by #EMILYSEARS (@emilysears) on

A photo posted by #EMILYSEARS (@emilysears) on

For those of you that did make it this far down the article we have a special surprise! Let’s call it our little secret NSFW Video Link!

If you want to see more of her we recommend you follow her on her Instagram Profile & Like her Facebook Page!

That was our take on Emily Sears Instagram Beauty of the Day! For more beauties check out our BOTD tag or submit you own image here, and maybe we’ll feature your pick next!