Most Expensive Carpets in the World

8 December 2014

Most Expensive Carpets in the World | TOP 10

Haven’t you heard? The most expensive carpets in the world are here!

The right carpet can change the aspect of your home in a blink of an eye. Make sure you chose them wisely and only the best.

A rug it’s a significant factor you should consider when you are designing your home.

It’s the first thing your guests will notice when they come visit your new home. The perfect rug must match the style of the room, have a good quality and change the loom of the room.

Just take the example of these owners who took the extravagant style into a whole new level.

N10. Isfahan Rug – $116,500

N10. Isfahan Rug – $116,500
Most Expensive Carpets in the World | N10. Isfahan Rug – $116,500

We start our list with a very detailed carpet which features red and blue intricate designs all over.

Its center patterns and its vinery design mini border make this rug a true gem.

This 16th century rug with estimated measures at 16 foot 1 inches by 6 foot 11 inches and it was sold at Christine’s in 2008.

Originally owned by a tobacco and electric power industrialist James B. Duke, this rug is quite special.

The rug is this expensive because of its color combinations, which intricate pattern design and high decorative value.

The carpet’s best feature is the mirror border which is made up of an unusual vinery design composed of stylized scrolled buds in a repeating pattern, a rarely pattern seen on Isfahan carpets.

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