15 Most Expensive Mobile Phones Ever Sold

20 September 2016

Mobile phones have become arguably the most important thing in our lives. People have been spending millions for these expensive mobile phones. So, how far would you go?

In the past, mobile phones were luxurious items that only rich people could buy as they were too expensive. Today, as technology improves, many companies produce mobile phones with affordable price. But those expensive mobile phones still exist in this world.

We have the list of fifteen most expensive mobile phones ever sold in the world. And these prices are even higher than houses’ or cars’!

You would think no one would buy such extravagant things. But super elite, rich people do. Do they need it? Well, a simple smartphone may do the job but it will not do their prestige justice.

If you are wondering what makes a mobile phone more expensive than a house, keep reading. We are going to reveal the world’s fifteen most expensive mobile phones and reasons why they cost ridiculous amount of money.

15. iPhone Princess Plus ($176,400)

15 Most Expensive Mobile Phones Ever Sold | #15. iPhone Princess Plus ($176,400)
15 Most Expensive Mobile Phones Ever Sold | #15. iPhone Princess Plus ($176,400) | source: blogspot.com

iPhone Princess Plus was designed by Peter Aloison. He is an Austrian luxury designer and jeweler who loves to jeweled up handsets. Even though the name is iPhone Princess, it doesn’t mean that it was designed for women only. The word Princess is taken from the shape of diamonds used to decorate this phone.

The trim of this handset is made of 18K white gold. It is studded with a total of 318 best quality diamonds weighing 17.75 carats, lining on its trim. Among those, 138 are princess-cut. And the rest 180 diamonds are brilliant-cut.

A Russian business man was the first to pre-order this phone back in October 2007. The phone was delivered to him in January 2008 after spending $176,400.

Those who cannot afford this phone can buy the cheaper version of it. This version is bundled with $66,150 price. It is still made of 18K gold, but only studded with brilliant-cut diamonds.

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