Introducing the Most Expensive Pillow in the World! You Are Not Going to Believe its Price!

1 May 2017

Get Ready to be Amazed by the Price of the Most Expensive Pillow in the World!

How much would you pay for the most expensive pillow in the world? Find out how much this pillow costs!

Turns out this Dutch physical therapist turned inventor has spent the last 15 years developing the custom pillow.

He claims that his bespoke pillow is able to solve your sleeping problems!

Thijs van der Hilst, who is a neck specialist, kind of, has created the $57,500 most expensive pillow in the world.

The pillow is made of Mulberry silk, Egyptian cotton, non-toxic Dutch memory foam. Also, it has a 24-carat gold fabric with its zipper studded with four diamonds and a big 22.5-carat sapphire.


It started to sound a lot more expensive, right? To justify the price of this pillow it takes more than high-quality materials and jewelry, as you already might have noticed.


The designer wanted to create something more luxurious than your average sleeping aid; he desired to make the perfect sleeping pillow for his rich clients.

After 15 years of studies, he has decided that the only way to create a perfect one is to offer custom-made solution based on a person’s body shape and sleeping habits.


“As a cervical specialist I used to advise my patients to buy a good pillow. But what is the best pillow for which patient, I asked myself. If there are three sizes of pillows available, which one would fit the best? As our feet are all different, so are our shoulder heights and neck lengths. And the sleeping position varies person to person. Everyone is unique – so the pillow should be too,” Thijs van der Hilst said.


He recieves detailed 3D scans for his clients around the world, thanks to his idea to use a portable 3D scanner. Then, his team in Netherlands receives the scans.


This custom-made pillow is made with the help of a complicated algorithm. The team then draws it and calculates the exact measurements. After which it is created out of non-toxic memory foam, with the help of a robotic milling machine.

The pillow comes in a custom-made Louis Vuitton case, to give it a more luxurious touch.

The price for this pillow is $57,500. Would you like to own such pillow?