Fall Outerwear Trends Men 2013

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    Fall Outerwear Trends Men 2013

    Let’s take a look at what are the Fall Outerwear Trends Men 2013!

    I’ve probably said this before, but Fall is one of my favorite seasons when it comes to fashion. I guess this because I love layering, boots, gloves and coats. This season, I’ve noticed a lot of trends with footwear, shirts, accessories etc. But I want to particularly point out some fall outerwear trends for men this year.

    I guess my obsession with outerwear is an all year thing. Here are five outerwear pieces that should have you ready for fall.

    Quilted Vests
    What I love about quilted vest is it’s apparent simplicty yet appreciation for detail. With the vest, it appears more laidback, more simple. However, with the quilted pattern, it comes off a bit more detailed, and adds a certain flair to your look. You can wear them with basic long-sleeved henleys or sweaters, some solid jeans and boots and look like you’re ready for fall.

    Fall Outerwear Trends Men 2013

    Get this quilted vest at www.bloomingdales.com

    Shearling Jacket
    Shearing jackts have been around for some time but it’s popularity in the world of industry has really inceased and is now one of the most luxiours type jackets. These jackets have their insides made of processed wool which makes it light and comfortable. Besides being al that, they’re just absolutely stylish. Why wouldn’t you want a piece of clothing that meets all these needs? To get the better quality, look for the jackets with the softer wool. The softer the wool, the better the quality of the jacket.

    Fall Outerwear Trends Men 2013

    Get this shearling jacket at shop.nordstorm.com

    Trench Coat
    I may have mentioned this before, but I love trench coats! I just find them sensationally stylish and an absolutely asset of my closet. Even more so, it should be a staple of every fashionable modern man this fall. Originally, they came in the khaki color. Now, that has expanded greatly. Some of favorite colors are the burgundy, navy and royal green. Be sure to pick colors that will be distinct without being too loud. Also, when it comes to size, be sure to buy one size down to get a great fit.

    Fall Outerwear Trends Men 2013

    Get this trench coat at www.bloomingdales.com

    Duffel Coat
    The duffle coat is another recent outerwear that has captured my attention. This coat is made of duffle, hence the name. It’s great for fall because not only does it keep you warm in the chilly weather, it also keeps you dry from the fall rain. But what’s unique with the duffle coat is the wooden toggles that are so easy to fasten and unfasten. You don’t even have to remove your gloves to do so, which is a plus. Note that it’s also common for duffle coats to have hoods, which are big enough that you can wear a hat on your head and be comfortable.

    duffle coat Fall Outerwear Trends Men 2013

    Get this duffle coat at www.burberry.com

    Wool Blazer
    No matter what time of year, a blazer is a necessary piece of clothing in your wardrobe. It instantly ups a casual look or accentuates your formal look. One of my favorite blazers for this season is the wool blazer due to it’s warmth and style. You’ll be looking dapper no matter the occasion. That never hurts, right?

    wool blazer Fall Outerwear Trends Men 2013

    Get this wool blazer at www.mrporter.com

    I hope you enjoyed this article on Fall Outerwear Trends Men 2013, let me know which is your favorite in the comments bellow!

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