Charity in Luxury | How Much Do Famous People Care?

14 April 2016

Famous people do care. These people each founded a charity foundation to help others.

When it comes to fame, people can use if for many purposes. Charity is one of them. However, only a few of them who really dedicate their time and energy through their own charity foundation.

From actors, athletes, to businessman, many of them founded a foundation to help others in various causes. Each of them takes one specific cause to focus on helping. The most popular causes are children’s welfare, disease, and environment.

These famous people make a lot of money through their career. It is common for them to give a lot more than average people do. What is uncommon is when they found a charity foundation dedicated to the cause.

Here are 10 charity foundation founded by famous people. Official websites and contact for each foundation are also available for you to access. If you’d like, you can also take parts through donation.

10. Celine Dion Foundation

Famous People's Charity Work: Charity Foundation Celine Dion Foundation
Celine Dion Foundation | source: celinedion.com

Celine Dion is a world class diva. She has made big achievements throughout her career. What is not less big is her heart. She founded Celine Dion Foundation after promoting public awareness of cystic fibrosis since 1982.

This charity foundation focuses on helping sick or underprivileged children. The staffs who work at this foundation are voluntary. Therefore, all of the money received is 100% used for charity purpose.

Celine is also committed to other causes. She helps to donate the research for cystic fibrosis. She also supports the fight for Autism Speaks.

Celine’s official charity work can be accessed through the following website: CelineDion.com/celine-supports

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