10 Stylish Fashion Bloggers We Follow & So Should You

6 December 2015

10 Stylish Fashion Bloggers We Follow & So Should You – Fashionistas Edition

We are always on the look out for the latest trend setters and up and coming influencers in our industry. Weather it’s fashion, travel, food, lifestyle design or as we simply call it: fine living, there’s always a challenge to find the next big name.

Although some of the people we’re going to talk about have already amassed a huge following we’re excited to share them with you!

Exposure is the name of the game and the power of an influencer stands in how deep she goes with her community and the relationship she’s built with them.

We took to our own team and sorted out 10 Awesome Fashion Bloggers that, we believe, will grow a lot in the following years!

Our initial goal was to find up and coming bloggers with no more than 500K followers, that blog in English, from all around the world.

We very soon realized that if we were to add up all their social media profiles almost all of them went beyond that threshold and by the time you’re reading this most of their communities have already increased dramatically, so we just went ahead and did our thing anyway.

This article focuses on Fashionistas and we’re happy to announce follow-up interviews with at least some of them if not all! Under every social card you’ll find links to all their social profiles and we encourage you to check them out and follow them!

1. Xenia Tchoumitcheva (Lugano | Switzerland)

Xenia is an all time favorite here at Alux, we’ve known her ever since we launched and followed her journey as we grew to what we are today!

Born in Russia, raised in Switzerland, Xenia Tchoumitcheva is a model, actress, blogger and entrepreneur.

She started Chicoverdose.com around the same time we started Ealuxe (for those that remember our first look and name, thank you for sticking with us, you’re awesome!) where she talks about a combination of fashion and luxury!

The blog follows her journeys around the world.

Ohh, did we mention she speaks 6 languages and has a degree in business? She’s also a TED Speaker inspiring millions through her talks!

Xenia Tchoumitcheva by Alux Social Profile

We recommend checking out her blog, follow her on instagram and like her facebook page to make sure you never miss a post!

2. Lydia Elise Millen (Willen | UK)

Lydia is one of those gorgeous bloggers that will make you fall in love with her instagram feed!

When she’s not traveling around the world or hitting the gym she writes on lydiaelisemillen.com, a blog she started back in 2011 right when she was supposed to write her dissertation paper!

She’s living a very active lifestyle and you’re bound to see plenty of incredibly cool and fashionable products.

Let’s take a look at her social profile:

Lydia Elise Millen by Alux Social Profile Blog Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube

We really believe her instagram will blow up even stronger than it has so far! Make sure you check out her blog and facebook page for more!

3. Doina Ciobanu (London | UK)

The Golden Diamonds is one of our favorite blogs! The title features two things we talk a lot about on Alux: Gold & Diamonds, so as you’d expect it fits perfectly with our vision!

The blog was started in 2011 and although she was born and raised in Moldova she now resides in London.

You might have seen Doina in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle or in random posts on tumblr & pinterest. She’s not a model by profession but brands simply love working with her!

That’s one of the main reasons she decided to relocate, when brands heard she’s from Moldova they would pass on the opportunity to work with her (we expect you to know where Moldova is, but if you don’t, fix that, here’s the map), so geography has a lot to do with success in this space!

Now, she’s living the golden diamonds life, partying with Kate Moss and attending red carpet events as often as you check facebook!

Doina Ciobanu The Golden Diamonds by Alux Social Profile Instagram Blog Youtube Twitter

Check out the blog for fast and luxury fashion, her instagram for daily inspiration and her facebook page to stay in touch!

4. Jill Wallace (LA | California)

Jill Wallace is one of the bloggers we’re proud to say we’ve discovered before they go big -the little hipster inside of us rejoice with pride-.

With no facebook page, no youtube account but with almost 100K followers on instagram Jill is going places! But where would you go when you’re already living in the amazing Los Angeles!

A few trips to gorgeous destination in the states, making memories along her photographer boyfriend, that’s where!

She’s got a bohemian vibe that draws you in, and when you hit the follow button you’re not leaving anywhere!

Already working with several brands, she strikes us as a shy person but we get the feeling that once the shell cracks you’re up for plenty of fun times!

Let’s take a look at her current social profile:

Jill Wallace LittleBlackBoots by Alux Blog Instagram Youtube Twitter

If you want to see what Jill is all about check out her blog and follow her on instagram!

5.Johanna Emma Olsson (Stockholm | Sweden)

Let us put it this way: Johanna is no stranger to luxury! And that can be easily noticed in everything she posts!

Born in Sweden, moved to London and then Los Angeles to grow her international following, she’s making this look easy!

Highly business focused she’s been a full time blogger for the past few years now and although she doesn’t use twitter or facebook as much, she’s got a really loyal audience on instagram and snapchat!

Johanna Emma Olsson joannaeo

Follow her on instagram and discover her blog here!

6.Alina Ceusan (Cluj | Romania)

We’re really excited to share this blogger with you, for two reasons: 1. because she’s from my home country and 2. because she has amazing style!

Alina Ceusan decided to give pro-blogging a shot a few years ago and stuck with it! Firstly grew to become one of the main influencers in Romania and now she’s going global!

Recently she began publishing her content in both English and Romanian, so we’re happy to shine some light on this up and coming fashionista!

She blew up in the past years along side her best friend, Carmen Grebenisan, sharing their travels, adventures and outfits on their separate blogs!

Let’s take a look at her social numbers:

alina ceusan blog by alux social profile instagram twitter youtube followers

Considering she’s been mostly focused on Romania, those are incredible numbers! We definitely recommend following her on instagram and checking out her blog!


Rivaling Xenia for the biggest following in this post, Julie or “Jules” as everybody knows her started blogging back in 2009.

She hasn’t stopped since and has amassed a huge following behind her personal brand and blog sincerelyjules.com

She worked with Glamour.com, Elle.com, E! News, Lucky Magazine, Teen Vogue and almost everybody you can think of, and this is just the beginning for Jules.

Th 29 years old blogger has one of the most followed instagram profiles due to the quality of her content! Brands love her and so do her followers!

Let’s take a look at her profile:

sincerely jules julie sarinana blog instagram twitter facebook youtube by alux

You have to follow her on instagram and drop by her blog to see for yourself what the buzz is all about!

8.SHIRALEE COLEMAN (Sydney | Australia)

Shiralee has a style of her own, an attitude that screams “if I want it, I’ll take it” which we simply love!

If you follow her blog, you get to travel along to plenty of luxurious destinations and see some of the most beautiful dresses!

One of the things that sparked our interest was a phrase in the about section which reads: “Her lovers have included Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent, all of who all play their part. She believes we all need someone to hold our hand – or to make you feel taller. Not to forget, the romance.” which perfectly fits her style!

Let’s take a look at Shinralee Coleman’s Social Profile:

SHIRALEE COLEMAN blog instagram facebook twitter youtube by Alux

As always here’s a link to her blog, her instagram and facebook page!

9.Natasha Ndlovu (London | UK )

This gorgeous model has a passion for photography and sharing everything on her blog!

The blog offers a visual experience into her life, with every pic carefully chosen and orchestrated! Her original style made us completely fall in love with her pics and we really believe she will blow up in social media!

Did we mention she also speaks fluently 4 languages ( English, Ndebele, Spanish and French ) and now is studying Russian!

Natasha has a BA in Visual Arts and you can see how that is influencing her work! The images are a lot more professional than your general blogger and we’re digging it!

Natasha Ndlovu blog bisousnatasha instagram twitter youtube facebook social profile by alux

Check out her blog, follow her on instagram and subscribe to her on youtube!

10.Priscila Betancort (Barcelona | Spain)

Priscila is also one of the bloggers that grew her following nationally and only recently decided to go international.

Currently living in the beautiful city of Barcelona, her feed is filled with great outfits in awesome locations!

Also highly educated like every blogger we’ve mentioned so far, Priscila brings a lot of freshness through her work providing daily inspiration!

She posts very often and that’s one of her strengths and her followers love her for that.

Let’s take a look at her social card:

Priscila Betancort myshowroomblog es com blog instagram facebook youtube twitter social profile by alux 2

You can visit her blog here and check her instagram or facebook page to see more of her work!

That ends out cover of these 10 beautiful and stylish fashionistas that we, at Alux, believe you should follow!

They take blogging very seriously in the quality of the work they put out, but are interesting and fun enough that you will definitely come back again and again

We know there are plenty of other amazing bloggers we could have featured and we’re looking forward to mentioning them in future posts.

For these 10, we’ve extended the invitation to individual interviews and we’ll be sure to link to each of them from this post so you can learn and see more of their work.