Highest-Paid Disney Voices | TOP 10

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Highest-Paid Disney Voices | TOP 10

Who do you think are the highest-paid Disney voices?

Here at Ealuxe we’ve been talking a lot about Disney lately. We made Disney hotels where you can spend your vacation and we made most expensive animated movies.

Today, we said we should do the Highest-Paid Disney Voices. Which one is your favorite?

When we made most expensive animated movies we talked about the voices behind every Disney movie. They have a tradition; only famous celebrities get to put their voices on an animated character.

Well, today, we talk about those famous celebrities, the voices behind every successful Disney film.

After releasing numerous films The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Animation Studios and after winning numerous Academy, Golden Globe and Emmy awards, their tradition to hire some wealthy actors to give life to funny, handsome and creepy characters is more than appreciated.

Thanks to those famous and rich actors we are now thrilled to hear the voice of Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel, the Goofy laugh and many more.

Let’s get started with our Highest-Paid Disney Voices!

10. Mary Costa – Aurora in Sleeping Beauty

Here in Romania we never really heard the real voice of Aurora because of the dubbed thing. But the rest of you know that Mary Costa was the voice behind it.

She was born in 1930, she was hired in 1952 to record the voice of Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. Signed a contract for $100 a day stated that Disney was not allowed to use her voice for any recordings.

The movie released in 1959 had a VHS format in 1986. She sued Disney for $2 million over royalties from VHS sales.  Disney and Costa settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

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