Which Football Manager is Earning Millions of Dollars?

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While the football stars shine on the field, these highest paid football managers raise the game from the sideline!

Football is not just the most popular sport; it is also one of the most glamorous in terms of giving out salaries. These highest paid football managers know it best.

After the shocking Euro 2016, football leagues across Europe is just around the corner. Before you dig into the football feast wherever you are across the world, let’s take a look at the amount of salary your favorite club’s manager is earning.

Nowadays, a football manager has become a more decisive factor to the club’s success. Even though the players are the ones who play direct parts in the sport, the manager is the one who can turn things around.

These fifteen football managers on our list are not being paid buck load of money for nothing. They are known for their success with either their former or current team. So, let’s take a look and you get to decide if they worth what they are being paid for.

15. Slaven Bilic – West Ham United ($3.8 million annual salary)

These are the 15 Highest Paid Football Managers | #15. Slaven Bilic - West Ham United ($3.8 million annual salary)
These are the 15 Highest Paid Football Managers | #15. Slaven Bilic – West Ham United ($3.8 million annual salary) | source: metro.co.uk

Slaven Bilic was a Croatian football player back in 1990s. He scored three goals for his national team during those years. In club level, he scored a total of 28 goals in the domestic leagues, including two for West Ham United back in 1996-1997 season. That is pretty amazing for a defender.

And last year, he returned to the club as a manager. He signed a three-year contract with a $3.8 million of annual salary. It is actually about $1 million lower than his previous salary as Besiktas manager. But to take on a challenge in the English Premier League is worth more.

Bilic has been pretty successful with West Ham United despite having to win no titles yet. He brought the team to finish 7th in the league. Plus, they broke several records together.

First and foremost is the record of highest number of points achieved: 62. Also, Bilic is turning the team into a better goal-scoring machine with a record-breaking 65 total goals last season.

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