15 Highest Paid Actors on Current TV Series

10 August 2016

They say we are living in the television’s golden era. These highest paid TV series actors could not agree more.

Back in the days, TV series were not considered as the cinema’s masterpiece. People turn to the big screen when they seek for the best movie entertainment. But as time goes by, this has started to change. Viewers started to turn their attention on the smaller screen. So did these highest paid TV series actors.

Now, acting career on TV offers them good paycheck and reputation as well. Plus, TV series can keep going for a decade. That means a more settled income and fan base.

Even though most actors try to stick to the big screen’s gigs, not few of them get involved into TV works. In fact, even some movie producers and directors see this opportunity as a great challenge as well.

We picked out fifteen actors who star ongoing TV series and get paid a lot of money. Spoiler alert, most of them are from thriller, action, or comedy genre.

Let’s start the countdown!

15. Norman Reedus – $80,000 per episode of The Walking Dead

The 15 Highest Paid TV Series Actors | #15. Norman Reedus - $80,000
The 15 Highest Paid TV Series Actors | #15. Norman Reedus – $80,000 | source: amc.com

Let’s start this off with The Walking Dead‘s heartthrob, Daryl Dixon. The actor, Norman Reedus, has been on the show since the first season in 2010. They will start the seventh season in just a few months with the answer to a super cliffhanger: whom did Negan kill?!

Rumor has it, Norman Reedus is being paid $80,000 for each episode he is in. From the first season until today, there have been 99 episodes of The Walking Dead already. Can you tell how much he has earned from his salary alone?

Norman starts his career in modeling when he was young. However, it didn’t go as well as his career in movies and TVs. Nevertheless, he possesses $8 million dollars net worth.

Here is an interesting fact: he auditioned for Merle Dixon but they already assigned Michael Rooker to it. However, they liked his audition and decided to build a character upon that. Hence, Daryl.

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