How to have a perfect business outfit | Men’s Fashion

6 January 2016

How to have a perfect business outfit

Let’s take a look at how to have a perfect business outfit and look at your best!

Every man out there at least once look at one of the main characters in a movie and thought to himself: damn, I wish I owned that suit! 

Because they look at the suit like an armor, like a sign that tells the world who you are and why they should never mess with you! And they are right!

Have you ever wondered what to wear at a business meeting? Have you seen all these guys which pretend to be fashion but instead they all look like clowns or like kids which don’t know anything about how to properly adjust your look?

Yeah, me too! So following I will present some rules which MUST be respected when you want to have a great business outfit as the following picture.

formal-attire-for-men-for-presentation How to have a perfect business outfit | Men's Fashion
Perfect business outfit.

Here’s an Unofficial list of things any man with an interest in having the perfect business outfit should memorize:

1. Only if your suit has one button you button up it, but every time when you have more than one you let the last button open.

2. For your jacket not to ruffle, always when you sit make sure you have to unbutton the it and also if it’s buttoned will look like it is small for you.

3. Even you want to, never wear a floral or Hawaiian shirt! If you don’t know what kind of shirt to wear try a white or blue one.

4. Don’t try white pants! For sure they are not good at a business meeting.

5. The stripe it’s not mandatory but it makes a tidy look.

6. Always make sure that your shoes are assorted with your belt and preferable wear a black one.

7. This is not a real rule but it’s better to wear a pair of black shoes, they will show your class.

8. Always get the shirt in your pants! In any other occasion you can try something different, but not here.

9. Never wear a short sleeve shirt at suit. It’s unacceptable.

10. Make sure that your shirt it’s always ironed, your good aspect matters.

11. Never try sport shoes at a business outfit, if you want to own a casual outfit try espadrilles or sneakers.

12. Never wear white shoes! You can try black or brown, these colors are the best.

13. Make sure that your look is neat and clean, this is a part of what brings the success.

14. Your tie never has to exceed the belt or to be shorter.

15. Your socks must be black! Never try white or colored socks they are not for the business outfit.

Accessories show your class and fashion taste so make sure that your watch, your pairs of cufflinks and the handkerchief are well chosen.

Remember! The first impression about someone it’s very important, so make sure that your outfit it’s the best because this can help you get a better job or more money.

The following pictures will show some good combinations which everyone could use:

How to have a perfect business outfit | Men's Fashion

How to have a perfect business outfit | Men's Fashion

My personal favorite fashion person:

How to have a perfect business outfit | Men's Fashion

This was my take on How to Have the Perfect Business Outfit, hopefully you got something out of it and I’m looking forward to seeing you looking fashionable and smart!